Release Blitz – The Descent by Sloane Murphy


Six hundred years after The Outbreak, the human population stand side by side with the Fae & the Vampyrs to stop the Demon King from starting a second Dark War.

Seventeen year old Adelaide Tate is in her last year of the Academy, with her eyes set on becoming part of the Red Guard.
Who cares that no female has ever joined?
When a dark force develops an unhealthy liking for her, Adelaide needs to fight for her life and figure out what makes her so different from the others.
Betrayal. Fear. Anger.
She must overcome it all in order to turn her world the right way around again.
Adelaide has one choice. Accept the help offered to her by Xander Bane, or face the Demon Hoard alone.
One thing is for sure. The descent will be bloody.

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Cover Reveal: The Winning Bid – Michelle Windsor


The Auction Series Book 1

Release Date: September 27, 2016

Desperate to gain the funds needed to start a new life, Hannah decides to work as a submissive, agreeing to be auctioned off to the highest bidding dominant at Baton Timide, an exclusive member only club. The winning bidder owns the submissive for a weekend of whatever they command. It’s her first auction and she’s prepared herself for whatever may come.

Drew, a VIP at Baton Timide, has had two weeks from hell and is looking forward to unleashing some much needed stress, and what better way than with one of the lovely subs at auction. From the moment he sees Hannah on stage, he knows he must possess her and when he does, is confused by the overwhelming feelings he has for her.

Hannah walks away at the end of the weekend without looking back, and Drew attempts to do the same, but can’t erase her from his mind, his skin, and he fears, even his heart. When a chance sighting of Hannah in the real world occurs, Drew discovers a secret that forces him to question everything he thought he knew about himself and his heart.

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Always Our Love – Tawdra Kandle is available now!

Finally . . . Jenna tells her story.
The third book in the Always Love Trilogy is here!

Jenna Sutton celebrated her twenty-first birthday by persuading Trent Wagoner, the guy she’d been crushing on for months, to sleep with her. When he broke her heart and crushed her dreams by rejecting her afterward, a devastated Jenna tried to end her life.

Trent has told his side of the story. So has Jenna’s mom, and her cousin, and just about everyone else in the small Georgia town of Burton.

Now it’s Jenna’s turn.

Over two years later, Jenna’s finally figuring out her life. Her job at the county historical society is steady and predictable, two elements she appreciates right now. She’s living on her own, and her world is peaceful, if lonely.

That is, until Lincoln Turner comes to town.

When Linc’s wife was killed in a car accident, she left him with two small children and a bleak future. Six years later, he’s a recovering alcoholic who’s just gotten his kids back and is ready to tackle a new position as co-owner of a building restoration company . . . in Burton.

Jenna isn’t looking for love, and Linc definitely doesn’t want any attachments. And neither of them are ready for the sparks that fly when a huge project brings them together. Still, the road to true love has more bumps than they could imagine. Making their way to a happy ending won’t be easy.

But this is Burton, and happily-ever-afters are a specialty of the house.

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Always For You, the first book in the Always Love trilogy, is now FREE for a limited time.



Excerpt – After the Scrum by Dahlia Donovan



Forty. Retired. And a father.  Now what?  The infernal question rolled around in his mind and kept him up late at night.  Devlin deserved the best care one could provide.  A moping mountain wouldn’t do the lad a damn bit of good.  He needed a restart—a scrum—to deal with life after rugby.

Starting toward the kitchen to make a coffee, Caddock sighed when a familiar voice called out, “Uncle Boo!” Since Devlin started to speak, he’d tried to teach the lad to call him Uncle Brute.  It backfired spectacularly when he became a bastardized version of his own nickname.

Uncle Boo.

Bloody Boo.

“Uncle Boo. Uncle Boo. Uncle Boo.” Devlin bounced into the kitchen clutching his favourite blue teddy to his chest.  He’d clung to it as the last toy his father had given to him before his trip to the Great Barrier Reef.  He waved the bear wildly, almost knocking himself over with his enthusiasm. “Blue wants bickies.”

“Does he now?”  Caddock crouched down to contemplate the bear seriously. “Custard or chocolate biscuits?”

“Choccy.” His little nephew grabbed his hand to tug pointlessly at him, trying to drag him toward the cabinet where his favourite biscuits were hidden on a top shelf.  They’d been moved up there when he discovered the little Devil could climb just about anything. “Pwease?”

“Oh no, not the magic word.” He lifted the boy up to sit on the counter.  “Just one now.  We’re having tea and sandwiches in a mo.”




“One.” Caddock had learned to be firm when sad blue eyes peered up at him.  Devlin could melt a bloody iceberg with his pout. “And a half.”

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Teaser and Author Bio: Reagan Hollow




Author Reagan Hollow is a breakthrough author from Atlanta, Georgia. Reading has always been her passion and she’s always longed to write a book. Her debut novel, Finding Home releases on July 17th, 2016. She also enjoys spending time with her four kids and her hubs who always keep her on her feet.

Her writing will be along the lines of Romantic Suspense and Paranormal


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After the Scrum by Dahlia Donovan



Dahlia Donovan wrote her first romance series after a crazy dream about shifters and damsels in distress.  She prefers irreverent humour and unconventional characters.  An autistic and occasional hermit, her life wouldn’t be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.

Her Top Ten Favourite Things:

Tea with Jammie Dodgers or Jaffa cakes.

Jane Austen

The Mass Effect and Dragon Age series of games

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Beans on cheddar toast

As Time Goes By and the Vicar of Dibley

Yorkshire pudding

Love Actually

David Gandy’s abs

Oversized sweaters



Caddock ‘The Brute’ Stanford lost his brother and rugby career within the same year. The once man-about-town is now a has-been and guardian to his young nephew. Not sure where life will go after the scrum, he decides to purchase a pub in the Cornwall village of Looe. He never expects to fall in lust—and then love.

Francis Keen hides his crippling anxiety behind his eccentric habits, lush interior design, and beloved dog, Sherlock. Alone by choice after an attack in college left him emotionally scarred, he lives by the sea with his gran, resigned to working small jobs for local businesses. Revamping the pub for the new owner is right up his alley—especially when he realizes who the owner is.

Two men, so different, on track for a romantic collision. Can they survive the impact?

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