The Indigo Rebels – Ellie Midwood

In 1940 the German army marched into Paris. Three siblings, three completely different people, Giselle, Kamille and Marcel, suddenly find themselves face to face with the occupation, and it will change their lives forever…

It took me a little while to get into The Indigo Rebels but once I did, it became a real page turner. The historical setting and premise of the plot is very interesting and well researched (not that I’m a WWII expert), but the story is ultimately driven by Ellie Midwood’s characterisation. Her characters are well rounded individuals, with their own strengths and weakness, offering contrasting views and experiences of the occupation. This combination ultimately makes for a really enjoyable read.

I’ll be adding Ellie Midwood’s name to the list of authors I’ll definitely return to.


Dazed by Maria Macdonald

Dazed by Maria Macdonald is a New Adult book with a college setting. It centres around Laura, a girl whose past means that she she struggles with being social. She doesn’t like many people, she can’t trust them and she builds walls around herself to try and keep from getting hurt. Since she doesn’t care what people think, she’s true to herself and is a unique character. I love her cartoon t-shirts and quick comebacks.

But when the Reigns’ twins transfer to her school, things are about to get shaken up. As if the school’s Queen B didn’t already hate her enough, things get complicated when both Tarrant and Caden want Laura. But this isn’t your typical love triangle – welcome to a world of sassy comebacks, lingering looks and twists galore. And if she wasn’t already outside her comfort zone, these brothers will push her into the social limelight and Laura will finally have to start taking down her wall- brick by brick.

It’s an emotional, angsty read with relationships that are so interwoven and complicated that it makes a great read. The cover is stunning and I really can’t wait to read more about this group of friends!


Ruckus by L.J.Shen

Holy crap. What can I say about this next installment in The Hotholes series?

Read it. Read it now. Yep, that about covers it.

I enjoyed Tyed, Blood To Dust and Sparrow. I adored Defy and fucking loved Vicious. Those alpha assholes claimed a part of my heart. But I seriously have no words for Ruckus. I’ve been suffering from the biggest book hangover ever! Dean was amazing! And Rosie together with Dean? Wow!!

Rosie LeBlanc knows that Dean Cole is no good. He dated her sister. He’s a drunk. He’s a Hothole. And she’s sick, dying even…but he makes her feel so alive. How do you resist the light when all that surrounds you is darkness? He makes her want to reach for the stars.

There are a million reasons why they shouldn’t be together, why they can’t, but when Dean is the only one who doesn’t suffocate her and when he rescues her from her overbearing parents she realises that this Hothole is more than just a rich Jock.

Typical of Shen there are angsty moments, twists galore and a storyline that will keep you enraptured. Try and put it down without finishing it first – you won’t be able to it’s that good. It’s a sexy, sinful read that I devoured and loved.


Misbehaved by Charleigh Rose

As you already know if you’ve been following Page One for a while, we love the dynamic and dirty duo Charleigh Rose. They’re our go to for hot, heavy and quick, but Misbehaved is something a little different. You see Misbehaved is the first full length book from this pair and ohhhh ma gawd it was worth the wait.

Misbehaved is so much more than your typical teacher student romance, it is steamy, filthy and has just that hint of knight in shining armour that makes our knees buckle.

Remington Stringer is sassy, independent and unafraid of anything except losing her anchor and the one person who has always been there for her, her step-brother Ryan. But their relationship is changing, evolving in a way that Remi can’t control and that frightens her.

Remi gets offered a way out, a chance to give herself a shot at a future she’d only dreamed of before when she’s offered a place at a prestigious private school. Her plan is to keep her head down, survive the snobby academy and get out of Vegas but then she meets Mr James and things change. Remi can no longer deny that her life is falling apart, that things are spinning out of her control. And as for Mr James, he’s stubborn, aloof and ever so sexy. There’s this amazing chemistry between them and I FLOVE them together.

This is a book full of sexiness, complicated taboo relationships and adult themes. It’s well executed and sucks you in so fast that you’re almost half way through before you’ve even looked up. I will be buying this in paperback, that’s how much I love this book. Well done ladies, it’s another 5 stars from us!

Only Skin Deep – N.L. Greene

Both Mateo and Elizabeth have endured so much and when their paths cross during a chance encounter they feel an instant connection. But when the past returns to haunt them, will love be enough to save them? 

Only Skin Deep tackles a lot of complex themes that are all tangled up in a sweet romance come thriller/mystery which makes for a pretty interesting combination that I think a lot of readers will like. N.L. Greene’s characterisation is strong, I only wish there was a little more development in Mateo and Elizabeth’s relationship. The story moved a little too quickly for me. I wanted more of that build towards the HEA. But I will say, the story’s pace does keep you hooked! 

Easy 3 stars with that little something something extra. 

Down In Flames – Samantha Conley

Kristen Daniels didn’t plan on falling in love and getting engaged to Brett Ingles the lead singer of the Silver Tongued Devils, but she did. However, one night changes everything and in the aftermath she begins to see Derek Calloway, Brett’s best friend and fellow band mate, in a whole new light. 
Down In Flames and the Silver Tongued Devils reminded me a lot of Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series just with an added thriller like twist, which made for a pretty (I mean who doesn’t like a boy in a band?!) enjoyable read. Although fair warning, for those of you who don’t like love triangles, walk away now! Its pretty central to the plot. I’m talking to you Hannah! Other than that there’s romance, a bit of intrigue and I’ll say it again, boys in bands!
So I’d say if you’re a fan of Kylie Scott and have been trying to fill the Stage Dive hole in your life, give Samantha Conley and the Silver Tongued Devils (such a great band name) a chance. I don’t think they’ll disappoint!

Asking For It – Louise O’Neill

“they are all innocent until proven guilty. But not me. I was a liar until proven honest”

Asking For It is a hard look at our society and the way it treat victims of sexual violence through the story of Emma O’Donovan.

What is extremely interesting about Asking For It is Louise O’Neill’s characterisation. Emma is not a nice person, but she did not deserve what happened to her.

In framing her story in this way, I believe O’Neill purposefully sets up the reader, forcing us to question our own complicity in victim-blaming as the dynamic of the story quickly shifts from teenage drama to a reflection on the reality of rape culture. Did you judge Emma for her decisions that night or her previous behaviour? Does it matter how much she drank or what she was wearing?

Was she asking for it?

This makes for a difficult, and at times uncomfortable but above all, a necessary read.

This is an important book, a book that gives voice to so many subjects that are too often ignored. As Louise O’Neill herself writes:

“We need to talk about rape. We need to talk about consent. We need to talk about victim-blaming and slut-shaming and the double standards we place upon on young men and women.

We need to talk and talk and talk until the Emmas of this world feel supported and understood. Until they feel they are believed.”

This is a must read.

Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon

Maddy is allergic to the world and for her protection, she hasn’t left her house in Seventeen years, but when Olly moves next door she’s ready to risk her life for love…

I don’t know how, but Everything, Everything managed to escape my radar until the movie trailer was released a little while back, and I was like daaaamn, I have to read this! And my initial reaction was right! It’s books like this that keeps my love for YA strong. Everything, Everything is so heartfelt and thought-provoking,  it just made me appreciate life and all the small things we normally take for granted.

I loved the world Yoon created for Maddy. The doodles, definitions and diagrams were a really nice touch and gave Maddy’s character that extra dimension, bringing her to life.

Without going into too much detail (although, for those of you who have read it, I kinda saw it coming), I would have liked more development between Maddy and her Mom’s character towards the end of the novel. That story arc felt a little rushed for me, but it didn’t detract from the book overall.

I look forward to seeing how the adaptation holds up.