Excerpt: Faery’s Kiss – Ariel Marie

A Faery's Kiss ebook cover.png

Release date: November 19, 2016

Cover by: Ariel Marie

Genre: Paranormal Romance


She desperately needed to speak to her friend. Not that a tokota could speak, that would be crazy, Noelle thought to herself with a laugh. But he was certainly a great listener.

Marric and Noelle’s relationship dated back to one winter morning when Noelle was fifteen and she came upon a lost small black and white wolf-looking pup. The little furry ball yipped and ran over to Noelle and they had been friends every since.

A snort greeted Noelle from behind her. She turned with a smile, finding a large black figure standing behind her.


That small fur ball had grown into a massive alpha tokota. Marric was well muscular and with each step that he took toward Noelle, she could see the predator in him. But she knew that he would never hurt her. Tokota’s were very loyal to their companions. He was a massive beast that could easily accommodate her on his back as a passenger.

“It took you long enough,” she murmured as he pushed his snout into her hand. “Well, hello to you too,” she said with a laugh.

Another snort at her comment. She ignored it, allowing a large grin to spread across her face as she ruffled her fingers through his fur. She knew he was looking for the treats that she always brought.

“I have a problem, Marric,” she admitted. He pulled back and his dark eyes settled on her. He sat back on his hind legs, ready to listen to her. “My birthday is coming up. December twenty-fifth, I’ll be turning thirty. Do you know what that means?”

Marric cocked his head to the side as if waiting for her to answer. Of course he didn’t know the workings of the laws of Faery. She sighed and shook her head.

“According to the laws of Faery, I must marry. My father, the king, will be having the Royal Tournaments to find a husband for me. Males from all over Faery will come to compete in the tournaments to win my hand in marriage. You would think that this was the medieval times. This is the twenty-first century. A young Fae woman should be able to decide when it’s time for her to get married, not the governing body of our realm.”

Marric’s eyes didn’t waiver from Noelle as she spoke. Even without words, Noelle felt comforted by her friend’s presence. Maybe it was the chance to get her worries out in the open and off her chest that gave her relief, but deep down, Noelle was sure that it was Marric.

“But I’m sure that you’re just bored with my complaints,” she said with a hard laugh. She let loose a giggle as Marric butted her with his head. She wrapped her arms around his large neck and buried her head in his thick fur, squeezing tight before she let go.

“Ok, I’ll do it. For my family. For Faery,” she whispered, accepting what her family needed from her and what Faery would need from her.

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Copyright © 2016 by Ariel Marie
**This is a sneak peek into the unedited version. This is not the final copy as some things may change. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Excerpt: Managed Hearts – Jerica MacMillan

Managed Hearts (1).jpg

“Do you really not remember, Matt? Do you not remember that summer we were together?”

He stared at her in shock for a minute. She remembered? “Of course I remember. How could I not?”

She shook her head at him again. “On Monday you stared at me like you maybe recognized me and couldn’t place me. I figured you didn’t remember anything.”

He grunted. “I didn’t know what to do. I was in complete shock when I saw you, so I just got on with the meeting. You didn’t act like you recognized me, and it wasn’t exactly the best place to hash out our past.” He let his eyes wander over her, taking her in. Her hair shorter than when he’d known her before, her breasts and hips fuller, softer, more lush. “I like you hair like this. What are you even doing here? Weren’t you going to go to school somewhere else? UW, right?” He said U-dub, like the locals.

She tilted her head, eyeing him, her expression and tone flat. “Yeah. I changed my mind.”

He nodded. “Yeah.” Did she change her mind because of him? If so, that made him feel like an even bigger jackass for the way he’d just stopped responding to her. “When did you recognize me?”

Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. She closed it and looked away down the street, huffing out a laugh and shaking her head. “Immediately.”

He nodded, taking that in. “You covered it well.”

“Yeah, well, it seemed like the best choice at the time.”

“I get that.”

She studied him, her arms wrapped around herself, her hands rubbing at the goosebumps on her bare shoulders. “So, what now?”

He tilted his head, reaching for her. “I wouldn’t mind a repeat of what we were just doing.”

She laughed again, a light chuckle coupled with a small head shake, but she allowed him to pull her closer and wrap his arms around her again. “We shouldn’t.”

“Why not? I enjoyed it. You seemed to like it too.” He knew they shouldn’t. He’d get in so much trouble at work if anyone found out. But he couldn’t help himself. That feeling of rightness that he’d just found again was too good to let go.

She stared up at him again, doubt in her eyes that he wanted to soothe away. He rubbed his hands up and down her back, reveling in the way she pressed against him and closed her eyes at the feel of it. When she let out another soft moan he couldn’t resist her anymore, and he took her lips in another kiss. A slow, languorous, torturous kiss. After an eternity or a heartbeat he pulled away, looking down into her green eyes, hazed with desire. “Let’s find somewhere warmer.”


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Excerpt: Wasted – Suzannah Daniels



She remained in place, watching me like a rabbit eyeing its predator. “Come here,” I urged her softly. “Damn, Lex, just let me hold you.”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

“That’s the best freaking idea I’ve had in a long time.” I tugged her wrist again. “We can talk about all the other shit tomorrow, but tonight, I want you beside me. I want you in my arms. No talking before daylight. Tonight, I just want to be with you.”

Her features reflected the indecision that warred within her.

“Please, Lex. I need to be with you.” I gently tugged her wrist again, and this time she succumbed, stretching out beside me, her cheek against my chest.

Pulling her against me, I kissed her forehead and stroked her back.

When she splayed her hand across my chest, her small palm resting just above my heart, I covered it with mine and gave it a gentle squeeze. Her lips brushed against my skin, the soft flutter of an angel’s kiss. Contentment filled my soul, and I closed my eyes, savoring every detail about her, her touch, her scent, her soft breathing. If I could spend every night of my life going to sleep with Lexi in my arms, I’d be a happy man.


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Interview with Jerica MacMillan


What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve pretty much always written in some capacity, whether it’s just journaling, or something more formal, like stories and essays.  I got serious about it in the summer of 2015.  A lot of heavy personal stuff happened that summer, and writing regularly provided an escape from that and helped me a lot.

You’ve written a number of books, do you have a favourite and why?

Lol.  People like to ask this question, and I think I answer differently every time.  For today I’ll say that Summer Fling will always hold a special place in my heart.  It’s (very) loosely based on how my husband and I got together, and it was the first thing that got a lot of outside interest and made me think that maybe people actually did like my writing. 

Both the Players of Marycliff University and The Rebound series are romances, what initially drew you to the genre and what made you want to return to it?

I’ve been reading romances since I was in middle school.  I’ve always loved love stories, and I started reading romance more and more since I had kids.  I have a vivid imagination, so anything that has bad things happening to kids is not going to be on my reading list these days.  And I really crave the happy ending anymore, and non-romances don’t guarantee that.  Romance is often derided as silly, but there is a lot of depth and breadth in the genre, and love and relationships are central to life, so there’s a lot that can be done with it.

I (Ashleigh) personally love the style of series you have adopted, stories that link together but can also be enjoyed as standalone novels. Yet I’ve always wondered if this style was created because authors found it difficult to let go of certain characters, was this the case for you?

It’s a pretty common series style in romance.  And I think the readers are as loathe to let go of characters as authors.  At least that’s been my experience based on reader feedback.  It’s fun to see your friends again, and when readers fall in love with characters (which they’re definitely meant to do in a romance), they feel like friends.  I enjoy working old characters into new stories, too.   

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while creating your books?

People will actually pay money to read about people I made up in my head.  I’m probably supposed to say something more profound or philosophical than that. But that still surprises me. 

What do you find most difficult about the writing/publishing process?

Slogging through the parts I don’t want to do. The technical stuff is annoying but necessary, and I whine a lot through the last half of the production process when it’s all details and little in the way of creativity.  I have to make schedules for myself so I hit my deadlines. 

What advice, if any, would you give to aspiring writers?

Finish your stuff. There’s a point you get to in the middle of a novel where you think it’s complete crap and no one will ever want to read it and it’s the worst thing ever and why should you bother to finish when it’s such utter dreck. That’s not true. Everyone goes through that, even the bestsellingest author out there.  Finish the book.  It’s probably not crap, and if it is, then you can figure out where it all went wrong a lot more easily if it’s done.  Plus, once you finish one, it gives you the confidence that you can, in fact, finish a book.  And if you can do it once, you can do it again. 

Besides writing, you also love to read and you have your very own book club! Tell us why we should join.

Because it’s awesome.  But seriously, you get a free book from me just for signing up, plus gobs of book recommendations.  I do tell people about what I have coming out and events I’m involved in, but I always include updates on what I’m reading and recommendations based on that.  And I love love love when people write me back and tell me what they’re reading and what they like.  I do my best to respond to everyone. 

It sounds right up our street so expect two new members!

And what are you currently reading?

I’m rereading At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey because now I have most of the other books in that series and it’s been a while since I read it so I’m refreshing my memory.

What have you got planned next?

My next book, Managed Hearts, comes out on October 24.  I also have a short story in the charity anthology Because Beards coming out November 1.  Opening Hearts, my story in the anthology, is a prequel to Managed Hearts (though you don’t really need to read them in order if you don’t want to wait).  I’m currently writing the fourth book in that series, which revisits Lance and Abby from Book 1.  I’m planning a January or February release for that one, and will firm that up once I finish writing it and have a title.

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Interview with Suzannah Daniels

Page One Books Interview with (1).jpg

What inspired you to start writing?

I grew up in a house where reading was always encouraged. My parents bought subscriptions to monthly book clubs like Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney, and I loved getting those books in the mail. Writing was a natural progression from my love of reading, and I’ve always written in some form, starting out with poems and short stories and leading up to novels. In second grade, I won a prize for my story, Pop Up World of 2000. (Keep in mind it was in the 1970s [bell bottoms, anyone?], so the year 2000 seemed like a really long ways away.)

You’ve written a number of books, do you have a favourite and why?

As most writers will tell you, it’s difficult to pick a favorite. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Dangerous Trilogy, a mature young adult trilogy featuring Stone Hamilton and Dara Golding. Since their story spans over three books, I was able to spend a lot of time with them, and I love the growth they go through as a couple.

I also love the camaraderie in the Whiskey Nights series, a new adult contemporary romance series that focuses on a group of friends who are learning a lot about life as they find their places in the world as adults. Just like real life, this series covers a gambit of emotions from being snarky to your siblings and friends to the struggles of dealing with life, love, and loss.

And Shaman’s Curse (Vampire’s Bane #2), will be releasing soon. I happen to love vampires, so Thane Warwick is one of my faves.

When considered generally, your books are all romances but you’ve actually experimented with different sub-genres such as paranormal, historical and contemporary. Why is that?

I love to read different genres, which also means I enjoy writing different genres. Each genre has its own unique challenges, and I’ve always loved a good challenge. Writing in different genres allows me to push myself and each genre gives me the opportunity to use my creativity in very different ways.

Which sub-genre is your favourite? Why?

Wow! That’s a hard question to answer. I love them all! I absolutely love medieval history, so if I had to choose, I would lean toward historical romance. And I just got back from the breathtakingly beautiful country of Ireland, so I have lots of mental images to inspire me. If I just started writing something strictly for fun, it would probably involve a vampire and a castle and would include romance written for an adult audience. If it didn’t involve a vampire, it would probably include a prince and/or princess.

Here at Page One we love paranormal/supernatural romances, so can you tell us a little bit more about your experience with the genre, what personally drew you to write not one, but two series that fit into this category?

There are no boundaries when writing paranormal, which makes it extremely fun. I’ve lived my entire life in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, which is rich in Civil War history. The first paranormal book I wrote was Ghostly Encounter, which includes a well-known ghost in this area, Old Green Eyes. More recently, I wrote Vampire’s Bane, which is an ongoing series that encompasses a little bit of everything: paranormal, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, action and adventure. It’s fast-paced, and you never know who or what might pop up. It’s also a bit mysterious. Typically, the reader is discovering revelations at the same time characters do.

You also have a couple of ongoing series, do you find it difficult to shift between worlds?

In some ways, it would probably be easier to stay in one world, but after spending so much time in one world, shifting gives me the opportunity to do something fresh and new. I do sometimes go back and re-read stories in a series to get back in those characters’ heads.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while creating your books?

Characters have minds of their own. I think I know what they’re going to do, but sometimes they’re rebels and they do what they want to do. Kind of like my ShihTzu.

What do you find most difficult about the writing/publishing process?

It’s a lot of hard work. Even if I hire out some duties, I’m ultimately in charge of the finished product, which means I have to oversee writing, editing, formatting, marketing, social media, publishing, accounting, events, travel arrangements, and the list goes on and on. This is why writers, including myself, love bloggers so much! #bloggersrock

Why thank you! Where would we be without authors though?!

What advice, if any, would you give to aspiring writers?

Make sure this is what you want to do because it won’t be easy. For most writers, it’s not really a choice. All we can think about is writing.

If it is what you want, then go for it. You should educate yourself about the industry, network, and never, ever give up.

What have you got planned next?

I’ll be releasing Shaman’s Curse, Vampire’s Bane #2, this month. After that, I’ll begin working on Seduced, Whiskey Nights #5, which is due out in January. I have a new cover in the works for another new adult contemporary romance. I haven’t decided yet if it will be a stand-alone or a new series. I’ve also got another fun story idea bouncing around in my head, which shall remain a secret for now. The possibilities are endless.

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Teaser Tuesday: Suzannah Daniels 

Vampire’s Bane #1

A mature young adult paranormal fantasy, romance, science fiction, action, post-apocalyptic story.

A lethal sword.
A dangerous mission.

A seventeen-year-old girl finding her way in a world that is nothing like she remembered.

When Maylin Kavanagh’s parents surrendered her to The Program, they swore it was for her protection. After being confined in a small underground cell for nearly two years, she is finally released.

But the world has changed.

Most of the populace has been wiped out by a deadly disease, and the rules of society have regressed. But that’s not the worst of it. When her group is kidnapped by a band of rogue vampires, Maylin realizes the decline of the human population has brought other races to the forefront—races she never knew existed. And now they’re all battling for survival and power.

In his father’s absence, Thane Warwick must lead his people. He has two priorities: find his father and find humans who can supply blood to his tribe. Immediately intrigued by his latest captive, he becomes interested in Maylin for more than just her blood, but he soon discovers that he must make a choice between his father and her.

Despite their attraction, Maylin and Thane each have an agenda, and only one can be the victor.

VAMPIRE’S BANE is the first book in the VAMPIRE’S BANE series. While it does end at a natural turning point in the heroine’s journey, it is an ongoing story, and not all questions will be answered. You will need to read this series in order.

Available on Amazon

Teaser Tuesday: Jerica MacMillan

Managed Hearts Teaser 1.jpg

Managed Hearts (Players of Marycliff University, Book 3)

Do you choose your dream job—or the guy you’ve always wanted?

Three years ago Hannah met a sexy surfer while on vacation in Westport, WA.  After a whirlwind summer romance, he ghosts.  She’s tried to move on, but no other guy has ever measured up.  And now she comes face to face with him on the first day of her new internship.  To make matters worse, he’s one of her managers, and he has no idea who she is.

Matt’s tired of being the third wheel around his friends, especially when he was the only one who ever wanted a girlfriend.  And then Hannah Glover shows back up in his life—the girl who simultaneously made him want a relationship and ruined him for anyone else without him even realizing it.  He wants her now more than ever, but she doesn’t trust him after the way he ended things before.  Which should be fine since he’s her manager at his first job out of college, and their company has a strict no fraternization policy.  But Matt just can’t seem to help himself where she’s concerned.  And she won’t be an intern forever, right?

Will he be able to convince Hannah to give them another shot?  Or will their past and their present conspire to keep them apart?

If you love steamy new adult romance, check out the third instalment in the Players of Marycliff University series out October 24th!

Available on Amazon.