2018 Reading Goals

I mentioned in our update a blogging resolution I made for 2018, but I got to thinking. As we are a book blog, I should also share my reading resolutions or goals for 2018 with you too.

I realised towards the end of last year, I’ve gotten lazy with my reading (and reviewing, but we’ve covered that). Although I have an awesome excuse for why. I spend a lot of time researching lofty theoretical concepts for my thesis and after a long day of trying to differentiate between the Gothic and psychoanalytic double, I’m about done with thinking. I really don’t want to pick up a Man Booker Prize winner. I want an easy read I can get lost in. While there’s nothing exactly wrong with this, I am missing out on a lot of incredible books that deserve some attention.

I also started to realise that I’ve been stuck in a genre rut for months and don’t stray all that far away from fiction. Now I love a good story, but there are so many interesting subjects in this world. Science, History, Politics, Philosophy, Religion, all those concepts that end with ism that I know nothing about. And I should know about these things. There are topics I studied in school that I remember very little of, and I’m kinda ashamed of myself. I’ve become too reliant on Google.

And so my reading goals for 2018 were born:

To invent your own life's meaning is not easy, but it's still allowed, and I think you'll be happier for the trouble..png

I know there aren’t many and when you break it down, they are interrelated but I wanted these goals to be achievable. In previous years I’ve set my self the “I will read a certain number of books in one year challenge”, but I never managed it and I was always a little disappointed with myself. This year I want to look back at my book selves and see variety and feel more knowledgeable.

Do you have any reading resolutions or goals for 2018? Sound off in the comments below.


Where’d they go?! An Update


Hey guys. By now you’ve probably noticed the lack of postage on Page One. We really have been MIA (cue the Foo Fighters). We never meant to disappear for this long but the truth is, we’ve been really busy. As you know, Page One is a two woman team and while we work awesome together, we are not machines. Hannah has been busy with all of the words in her writing cave and organising Indie Love (which you should totally come to by the way!). As for me, I’m swamped under a pile of research notes for my PhD. On top of all that, we both have jobs that don’t always leave us with a whole lot of time. Oh and we have families who sort of want to see us every now and then. Now don’t take this the wrong way, we love Page One! We are not going any where! But sometimes the blog has to take a back seat, and that’s what happened towards the end of 2017. So if you got in contact with us recently and didn’t get a response, we are so sorry! Life just had to take over for a while.

Anyway, we’re trying to get back into the swing of things this year, so you should be hearing a lot more from us. I’m trying to schedule specific blog days in to my week. A new years resolution if you will.

I suppose what we’re trying to say is, stick with us. We might go away for a little while, but we always come back. Page One is forever.

Chapter Reveal – Absinthe by Winter Renshaw





“You wanted to see me, Principal Hawthorne?”
I know that voice. I’d know it anywhere.
Glancing up from my desk, I find a girl in skintight athletic leggings and a low-cut tank top standing in my office doorway, her full lips wrapped around a shiny sucker and a familiar electric jade gaze trained on me.
It’s her.
The woman I spent most of all summer chatting with under the anonymous veil of a dating app—one in specifically meant for adults seeking connections but not commitment. I purchased a stock photo for seven dollars, chose a pseudonym, Kerouac, and messaged a woman by the name of Absinthe who quoted Hemingway in her bio when everyone else quoted Nickelback and John Legend.
“You must be Halston.” My skin is on fire. I stand, smooth my tie, and point to the seat across from me. I never knew her name, but I’d know that voice anywhere. I can’t even count how many times I came to the sound of her breathy rasp describing all the wicked things she’d do to me if we ever met, reading me excerpts from Rebecca. “Take a seat.”
She takes her time pulling the sucker from her mouth before strutting to my guest chair, lowering herself, cleavage first, and crossing her long legs. The tiniest hint of a smirk claims her mouth, but if she knows it’s me, she’s sure as hell not acting like it.
“You want to tell me what happened with Mrs. Rossi?” I ask, returning to my seat and folding my hands on my desk.
I may be a lot of things; overconfident prick, allergic to commitment, red-blooded American man …
But I’m a professional first.
“Mrs. Rossi and I had an argument,” Halston says. “We were discussing the theme of The Great Gatsby, and she was trying to say that it was about chasing the elusive American dream. I told her she missed the entire fucking point of one of the greatest pieces of literature in existence.” She takes another suck of her candy before continuing, then points it in my direction. “The real theme has to do with manipulation and dishonesty, Principal Hawthorne. Everyone in that book was a fucking liar, most of all Jay, and in the end, he got what he deserved. They all did.”
My cock strains against the fabric of my pants. It’s her voice. It’s her goddamned sex-on-fire voice that’s doing this to me. That and her on point dissection of classic American literature. Sexy, intelligent, outspoken. Three elusive qualities I’ve yet to find in another human being. Until her. And knowing that now, I couldn’t even have her if I wanted her, isn’t doing me any favors. If I don’t compose myself, I’m going to be hard as a fucking rock.
“Language,” I say. The room is growing hotter now, but I keep a stern, undeterred presence.
She rolls her eyes. “I’m an adult, Principal Hawthorne. I can say words like fuck.”
“Not in my office, you can’t.” I exhale. “And not in class either. That’s why Mrs. Rossi sent you here.”
“The jackass behind me was drawing swastikas on his notebook, but I get sent down here for saying ‘fuck.’” Her head shakes.
“I’ll discuss that with Mrs. Rossi privately.” I scribble a note to myself and shove it aside.
“You’re really young for a principal.” Her charged gaze drags the length of me. “Did you just graduate from college or something?”
Six years of school and two years of teaching place me in the budding stages of a career shaping and educating the minds of tomorrow’s leaders, but I refuse to dignify her question with a response.
“My age is irrelevant,” I say.
“Age is everything.” She twirls a strand of pale hair around her finger, her lips curling up in the corners. The cute-and-coy shtick must work on everyone else, but it’s not going to work on me. Not here anyway. And not anymore.
“I said my age is irrelevant.”
“Am I the first student you’ve ever had to discipline?” She sits up, crossing and uncrossing her legs with the provocative charm of a 1940s pin up. “Wait, are you going to discipline me?”
I take mental notes for her file.
–       Challenges authority
–       Difficulty conducting herself appropriately
–       Possible boundary issues
“I’m not going to punish you, Halston. Consider this a verbal warning.” I release a hard breath through my nose as I study her, refusing to allow my eyes to drift to the soft swell of her breasts casually peeking out of her top. Knowing her so intimately over the phone, and being in her presence knowing she’s completely off limits, makes it difficult to maintain my unshaken demeanor. “From now on, I’d like you to refrain from using curse words while on school grounds. It’s disruptive to the other students who are here to actually glean something from their high school education.”
“I don’t know.” Her lips bunch at the corner, and she fights a devilish grin. “I mean, I can try, but ‘fuck’ is one of my favorite words in the English language. What if I can’t stop saying it? Then what?”
“Then we’ll worry about that when the time comes,” I say.
“You could always bend me over your knee and spank me.” She rises, wrapping her lips around the sucker before plucking it out of her mouth with a wet pop. “Or maybe you could fuck my brains out and break my heart.”
“Excuse me?” My skin heats, but I refuse to let her see that she’s having any kind of effect on me.
“You’re him,” she says, as if it’s some ace she’s been keeping up her sleeve this entire time. “You’re Kerouac.”
I’m at an extraordinary loss for words, trying to wrap my head around all the ways this could go very fucking wrong for me.


Coming August 8th

about-authorWall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestselling author Winter Renshaw is a bona fide daydream believer. She lives somewhere in the middle of the USA and can rarely be seen without her trusty Mead notebook and ultra portable laptop. When she’s not writing, she’s living the American dream with her husband, three kids, and the laziest puggle this side of the Mississippi.

And if you’d like to be the first to know when a new book is coming out, please sign up for her private mailing list here —> http://eepurl.com/bfQU2j

Author Links

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WTF is Indie Love?

So you may have seen us pimping ‘Indie Love’ around a lot on Facebook these days. But unless you’re in the Facebook group you won’t really know what it is so I’m going to do a breakdown post for you.

Indie love n paperLovespoon Logo by Ross: http://herbivoreross.deviantart.com/ 

The Indie Love Facebook group is a group for Page One Books. It originally started as a base to get people interested in and sign up for our writing weekend but then we decided to expand – to try and make it a place for authors (published and unpublished) to come and chat, ask questions and get invaluable advice.

I say we, but really it’s my brainchild. Ashleigh helps me out, she shares things, she’s got a say in what we do with Indie Love but right now she has other commitments. So if you have any questions or ideas, I’m the best person to ask.

I write under a pen name, and as I released my first short story I realised that there was a lot I didn’t have a clue about.  I was unsure about formatting, I didn’t know how to word my copyright page and what was relevant and what wasn’t. Then there’s the upload to Amazon – what categories, what keywords, how to price, to KDP or not? Should I also use Draft2Digital? How do I get Amazon to price match? How do I grow my page? And get people to share my book? Is there etiquette for contacting bloggers?

It really is endless and when you’re confused and stressed you feel like throwing in the towel – so I wanted Indie Love to be a place where you can find these answers and ask questions that others are thinking too.

Right now, we’re still just a small Facebook group but I’m hoping to spend the next couple of months growing it. I bought the domain name and I’ll be working on the website in the coming weeks. The plan is to fill it with tutorials, how tos, advice, guest posts, interviews and have a useful links and services section where you can find recommended bloggers, editors, formatters and so on.

Page One Books will still be running, it will be all about bookish things, reviews, cover reveals and then Indie Love will be a bit more behind the scenes – so how you put together a cover reveal, how to construct a great review etc.

I hope you stick around to see my idea grow, and if you’re in the UK don’t forget there are still spaces on our writing weekend which we plan to make an annual event!


Blog Tour: The Final Victory – M. Eror


My name is Kristina.

My past is violent and dark, complex and complicated. I wasn’t living, I was struggling to survive. And years passed before I finally mustered the courage to say out loud. “I am a victim.”

I found salvation from the violence on a family farm. And my chaotic life finally steered toward normality.

I didn’t look for love, but it found me nonetheless. One look at Viktor – a beautiful man with a magical voice – was enough to sway my world.

And beside him, I finally started to live…

Buy links:

US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y2BCSH7

UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06Y2BCSH7

CA https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B06Y2BCSH7

AU https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B06Y2BCSH7

Social links:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/merorbooks/

Twitter: @merorbooks

GR: https://www.goodreads.com/m_eror

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/M-Eror/e/B0142C8FYO

Blog Tour: Coping Skills – Jerica MacMillan



Coping Skills

Players of Marycliff University

Book 5

Jerica MacMillan

New Adult Sports Romance

Release Date: April 17, 2017



Learning to deal …

Back at Marycliff University for her senior year, Elena Martinez is still reeling from her father’s devastating car accident over the summer. Awash in anger and guilt and shouldering ongoing family responsibilities, she tries to pretend that everything’s fine, even though it’s anything but.

Daniel Carter has been looking forward to seeing Elena again all summer. Sexy and energetic, she’d captured his attention on the surf trip they’d both gone on in early June, and he’s eager continue what they started on the beach. But when he runs into her the week before classes start, she’s subdued and carrying the obvious weight of emotional pain. Determined to help her, he becomes her refuge from the stress and grief pulling her under.

Will Daniel’s persistence be enough to break through Elena’s emotional barriers? Or will her fears and hangups be the end of their relationship before it can really even start?

Gripping and emotional, Coping Skills will hook you in and not let go until the very end. If you love strong and stubborn heroines, dominant and caring alphas, and stories that hit you in all the feels, one-click this book now!

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With a quick squeeze of his ass, she let him go, hopping up on the counter to watch him make the cookies, reaching across to stick her finger in the bowl to sneak a taste once he’d gotten all the ingredients mixed.

Narrowing his eyes, he pointed at her with the spoon. “Watch it. I might have to punish you for that.”

“Oh, are you going to spank me?”

He chuckled, low and growly, shaking his head. “Uh-uh. I was thinking more like a thorough tongue-lashing.”

She shivered, rubbing her thighs together. Then she leaned forward deliberately, her shirt gaping to tease him with a glimpse of her breasts, and she scooped up as much dough as she could on her index finger before bringing it to her mouth, licking it from palm to tip before sticking it in her mouth and sucking.

And the semi he’d been sporting since she got there turned into a raging hard-on.

He let out a groan, and she smiled around her finger, sucking on it and drawing it out from between her lips with a pop.

“I think I can get behind a tongue-lashing.”

“Coming right up.” Reaching down, he adjusted himself, her eyes zeroing in on his actions, her tongue darting out to lick her lips. “But you’ll have to wait until I get the first batch of cookies in the oven.”

“So mean. Making me wait like this.”

He laughed, enjoying the verbal foreplay as much as the physical kind. The cookies were irregular in size, but he couldn’t care less right now, his normal desire for precision swamped by his desire for her. All he cared about was feeling her thighs around his head, her lips around his cock, her pussy gripping him as she came. Fuck the damn cookies. The only reason he went through with it was because he knew she was suffering as much as he was, maybe more, and the anticipation only heightened the release when it came.

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Other Books in this Series
Summer Fling—Now FREE!

One summer is all they have …

Lance is a notorious player on and off the football field who never sees a girl more than twice. But with graduation now behind him, his days of carefree flirting are numbered. As soon as his summer internship is over, his parents expect him to return to Texas to take his place in the family business. He’s done everything he can to delay the inevitable, and he’s determined to live it up his last summer as his own man.

Abby comes from a world where men don’t stick around. Lance’s interest does nothing but put her on guard, especially when she finds out he’ll be leaving in less than two months. With two years left of college and a mom who relies on her for everything, Abby doesn’t have the patience for relationships that are doomed from the start. But Lance’s persistence wears down her defenses. Abby convinces herself they’ll just have a summer fling, and she’ll be able to come through unscathed.

Will Abby be able to maintain her distance? Or will they both be heartbroken when the summer ends?

If you love steamy college romance featuring hot athletes and sassy heroines, check out this first installment in the hot new series everyone is raving about!

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Convenient Fall

Sleeping with your roommate is a bad idea, right?

Megan Davidson is scrambling to find a new place after Abby, her roommate and best friend, decides to move in with her boyfriend Lance. With just a week until classes start, the open spot left in Lance’s old house looks like her best option. She moves in with Matt and Chris, hot football players who are shameless flirts and notorious players.

Chris Watkins is playing his final season of college football before life as he knows it is over. He’d dreamed of going pro, but the NFL never scouted him and now he’s in self-destruct mode—not bothering to go to classes or even try to graduate. With everything falling apart, he can’t even lose himself in the jersey chasers that are always hanging around. Megan caught his attention over the summer, and with her constantly under his nose, he can’t get her out of his head.

Sparks fly when these two finally give in to their attraction. Will these roommates turned lovers manage to keep things light and easy like they planned? Or will their flame burn hotter than anyone is ready for?

If you love steamy college romance full of hot athletes, fiery heroines, and chemistry that melts the pages, get Convenient Fall now!

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Managed Hearts

Do you choose your dream job—or the guy you’ve always wanted?

Three years ago Hannah met a sexy surfer while on vacation in Westport, WA. After a whirlwind summer romance, he ghosts. She’s tried to move on, but no other guy has ever measured up. And now she comes face to face with him on the first day of her new internship. To make matters worse, he’s one of her managers, and he has no idea who she is.

Matt graduated in December after his final football season, and is now working a desk job. Having spent his whole life as an athlete, the day to day grind chafes at him. All his friends are moving on with relationships and pursuing their goals while he’s left as the third wheel. And despite his reputation as a player, he’s the only one who ever wanted a girlfriend.

And then Hannah Glover shows back up in his life—the girl who simultaneously made him want a relationship and ruined him for anyone else without him even realizing it. He wants her now more than ever, but she doesn’t trust him after the way he ended things before. Which should be fine since he’s her manager at his first job out of college, and their company has a strict no fraternization policy. But Matt just can’t seem to help himself where she’s concerned. And she won’t be an intern forever, right?

Will he be able to convince Hannah to give them another shot? Or will their past and their present conspire to keep them apart?

If you love steamy new adult romance featuring hot college athletes with a hidden dominant side, heroines who stand up for themselves, and a hard-won happily ever after, check out the third installment in the Players of Marycliff University series now!

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Unsaid Things

Christmas. An engagement ring. An unexpected reappearance.

After a romantic six months, Lance and Abby’s relationship feels solid, and he’s excited to have her spend Christmas with his family in Texas. She doesn’t know he has a diamond ring stashed in his suitcase, along with a plan to propose to her on Christmas morning.

He’s forced to scrap the proposal, however, when Abby’s dead-beat brother shows up at her mom’s house two days before Christmas. Abby, worried about her brother’s sudden reappearance after more than a year of silence, insists on going home.

Just when Lance thought he’d broken through Abby’s defenses, she puts up another one in his path. Pushing him away, she insists on dealing with her family herself, a bad idea in his mind. Will proposing reassure her that he’s in it for the long haul? Or just make everything exponentially worse?

The fourth installment in the Players of Marycliff University series follows the developing relationship of Lance and Abby from Summer Fling. It’s a story about family, trust, and where you should turn when life gets messy. If you’re looking for a hero you can swoon over and make your next book boyfriend, one-click Unsaid Things now!

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About Jerica MacMillan

Jerica MacMillan is a lifelong reader and lover of romance. Nothing beats escaping into a book and watching people fall in love, overcome obstacles, and find their happily ever after. She was recently named a semi finalist in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write 2015 contest.

Jerica is living her happily ever after in North Idaho with her husband and two children. She spends her days building with blocks, admiring preschooler artwork, and writing while her baby naps in the sling. Join her Book Club at www.JericaMacMillan.com and get a free book!

#PNR and #UF Big Box of Paperbacks Giveaway

Welcome to the #PNR and #UF Giveaway Party!

Who’s ready for a giveaway you can get your hands on? A bunch of authors
got together to bring your this Big Box of Paperbacks Giveaway! One
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How’s that for an epic Book-Lover’s Prize?! If you are a fan of Urban
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Here are a couple of sneak peeks!


Excerpt from Foxblood: A Brush with the Moon by Raquel Lyon

The funeral was a typically sombre affair, alive with soggy tissues and streaky make-up. I stood at the back, letting the vicar’s voice wash over me, and spent the whole time staring at the flower-laden coffin, wondering if the lid would suddenly flip up and a fanged monster would escape to reap its vengeance on the congregation.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t happen, and as the mourners dispersed in the direction of the pub, I quietly snuck off home. I wasn’t in the mood for crowds and needed time to think, time to try to make sense of at least something, but as I turned to close the door, it was obstructed by a perfectly polished black shoe that belonged to…


“Seb, please,” he said, easing his way through. “Only my father calls me Sebastian.” He checked down the backstreet and closed the door securely. His eyes scanned the flat. “Nice place.”

“I like it.”

“It doesn’t bother you? Living over a funeral parlour?” he asked.

“Why would it? The neighbours are quiet.”

He didn’t laugh at my joke; neither did he comment. He simply stood silently, staring. It was very unnerving and made my legs go all wobbly. Perhaps if I turned away from him, he’d disappear again? It was worth a shot. I forced my jelly legs over to the front window and stared out at nothing in particular. The light was subdued, and the sky had darkened to an air force grey. A low mist was beginning to carpet the distant fields, and I wondered if snow had been forecast.

I knew my little experiment hadn’t worked. He was still there. I could feel his presence and smell his scent, a musky, inviting aroma that filled my senses and sent my head into a whirl, and it was getting stronger.

“Your friends interrupted us the other day. Can we talk now?” he whispered softly into my neck, and his fingertips traced a fiery trail down my spine.

“What’s the point? There’s nothing to say. I wish you’d just leave me alone,” I said, lowering my head in time to see Lara leaving the newsagents. She glanced up with a look of fury contorting her face as Sebastian’s hands reached around either side of me and grabbed the window frame.

“I can’t do that. I’m not that strong,” he said.

I studied the arms now imprisoning me, with their perfectly formed muscles straining against the rolled-up sleeves of his white shirt, and seriously doubted his statement. His stance was predatory and made me feel uncomfortable. I ducked under his elbow to escape, but he caught me around the waist and pulled me against him. Our bodies moulded together perfectly, and the strength of his grip made me feel like a china doll that he’d be able to crush in an instant. He was almost a full head taller than I was, and the warmth of his breath caressed my forehead. How easy it would be to reach up and taste those lips. I imagined the feel of them, and my own parted in an involuntary invitation.

The full Foxblood series can be seen here: http://foxifae.wixsite.com/raquellyon


Autumn Winters, Realm Watchers Book 1  by J. S. Malcom 
rain has stopped, but fog crept in while I sat in Rory’s. I walk
through that fog now, the streetlights casting cones of luminescence
that capture swirling mist. I should go straight home, but I really want
a bottle of wine. J.J.’s Market is only two blocks off and I walk
toward neon signs advertising beer and cigarettes, drawn like a moth.
Not long ago, I was newly married, looking forward to finishing my MFA
in Design with the hope of someday starting my own business. I barely
drank and rarely got drunk. Now, I’m wandering around out here at night
trying to avoid ghosts and unwilling to go home without alcohol because
I’m afraid I won’t sleep. My eyes start to prickle and I wipe the back
of my hand across my face. 
no, I’m not alone. I can’t hear her behind me—her steps will never make
sound again. All the same, I feel her there and soon she walks beside
“Hello?” she says. 
I keep walking. God, it breaks my heart but I don’t want her next to me. 
“Can you hear me?” 
Yes, I can hear you. I say nothing. 
block to go and maybe I’ll just uncork that bottle right in the store.
With any luck, she’ll veer off and find some other lucky person to latch
really need your help.” Her breath hitches as her voice rises in pitch.
She’s also crying and I just can’t ignore her—it’s not about me
I slow down, then stop. I wipe my eyes, realizing that she’s not the only one crying. 
“Are you okay?” she says. 
Seriously? Things have gotten that bad? 
I take a deep breath to calm down. “I’m fine. Okay, I’m lying but I can deal with that later. What’s going on with you?” 
“I’m not dead,” she says.  
turn to look at her. No, she doesn’t look dead but many of them don’t.
Not to me, anyway. Some are more translucent while others appear
basically the same as you and me, give or take the glow around them.
That’s not guaranteed either. People are all
whether dead or alive. One of my new theories is that we all start out
as “dead” before becoming “alive” again. Like a lightbulb switching on
and off again here in this realm. I think it’s a circular system. It
seems an efficient use of energy. In this theory, ghosts are glitches.
But this girl next to me isn’t interested in hearing about my theories,
which change daily anyway. She just wants to know what’s going on.
really don’t want to go there right now but I’m stuck in this
situation. I look at her young, beautiful face. Trusting eyes stare back
at me.
“I’m really sorry,” I say. “Did it happen fast? Was it a car crash or something?” 
She shakes her head. “That’s not what happened.” 
I don’t want to take it to the next level but, evidently, I have no choice. “Did you commit suicide?” 
happens a lot too, I’ve come to learn. Suicide is a big one for getting
you grounded. You cause that kind of pain and you just can’t move on. 
She shakes her head again. “No. Please, that isn’t what happened.” 
I think for a moment, hesitating because I hate the dark stuff. I really don’t want to know if she was murdered.  
“I’m not dead,” she says. “I swear. They took my body!” 




Excerpt: Tangled Web by Lizzie James

I looked back at the table and noticed mine and Tom’s shots that he brought back from the bar.  As I knocked them back I noticed someone walk up to the table and place two drinks down.  I looked up and saw the sexiest man I’ve ever seen sit opposite me.  He was about six-four with brown hair smoothed back, brown eyes and a light stubble on his cheeks.  I knew who he was before he opened his mouth.  I’d know those eyes anywhere.  We used to play together as children but there was absolutely no reason for him to be sitting opposite me buying me drinks.  Or looking at me the way he was.

It was a known fact that there was a long-standing rivalry between the Walker family and the Johnson family.  It was my life’s mission to stay off the battlefield.  Not to cosy up to one.  No matter how extremely sexy he was.

“Alone at last.” He grinned.  That grin was deadly.  He leaned forward and pushed the glass he put on the table towards me.  “Cheers.” He winked.

“Thanks.” I smiled.  I took a sip of my drink and noticed he knocked his back.  I put my glass back down and looked at him.  I noticed him rubbing his thumb across his lip.  An extremely biteable lip. “You look like you’re looking for trouble, Nathan.” I smirked.

“I think I just found it.” He grinned back.

I rolled my eyes.

“So when did little Chloe get all grown up?”  His eyes trailed down to my chest and back up.  His stare was so intense it made me want to cross my arms to cover myself.  He must have sensed how nervous he was making me feel due to the sexiest smirk appearing on his lips.  No good was going to come from this. “I’ve been waiting to get you alone all night.”

I looked down, blushing.  I wasn’t used to men being so forward with me.  There was a small part of me that was being realistic, though.  Why did I tell Tom to leave?  This wouldn’t be happening if Tom had stayed.  Nathan loved a challenge and me being a Johnson was the biggest challenge he would get.

“Is it because I’m a Johnson?” I looked him in the eye. “Because I’m Chase’s sister?”  I really didn’t want him to answer that question.  I knew what the answer was going to be.

“Partially.  I know Chase thinks the world revolves around him.  It’s ingrained in us to hate each other.  It’s a fact of life around here that Walker’s and Johnson’s will always hate each other.”  He stood up and came over to sit next to me.

Every step he took I became more and more nervous.  I’ve never had to deal with Walkers and I was completely unprepared to handle it.

“However,” he said, sitting down.  He took my hand in his and kissed the knuckles.  “When I saw you, I wanted you.  Regardless of your last name.  I still wanted to take you home and make you scream.”

I laughed when he said this.  I admit it was in embarrassment.  I tried to pull my hand out of his grip but he held on tightly.

“Chloe, tonight I’m not a Walker.  And you’re not a Johnson.  Just Nathan and Chloe.”  He leaned forward placing his hand on my cheek.

His thumb gently rubbed across my cheekbone.  I licked my lips and his eyes shot down to them.

“I have to taste you,” he whispered.

Nathan leaned forward and took my bottom lip in between his lips.  He gently sucked on my bottom lip and kissed me sweetly three times in a row.

I ripped my lips from him.  What the hell was I doing?  I’m left alone for barely a few minutes and already I’m making lovey-dovey eyes at the one person I shouldn’t.  My rebuff didn’t deter him at all.  I wanted to slap the cockiness out of him.  He took my hand again.  “Dance with me?”

“Nathan, no.” I hesitated, trying to pull my hand back.  I really didn’t want to dance with him.  I just wanted to get away from Nathan so I could think.  He was confusing me.

“Come on, Chloe, live a little.”

I gave in and allowed him to pull me up from my seat.  As Nathan pulled me towards the dance floor I noticed several women turned to look at him.  What was I doing?  I shouldn’t be doing this.  I should be running in the other direction.  As I looked up I noticed we were walking in the direction of a group of women.  They all turned at once and smirked.  I don’t think they could see me due to my shortness.  Just before Nathan reached them, however, he pulled me forward by my hand so that I was standing in front of him.  I stood frozen in front of him not sure what to do.

He placed his hands on my hips and began to move me to the music, swinging my hips from side to side.  It was difficult for him to do so because I was as stiff as a board.  Nathan chuckled when he realized this and he turned me around, moving us so I was facing away from him.  I think he moved us so I didn’t have to look at our group of female spectators.  His arms wrapped around my waist and I could feel all of him along my back.  I looked behind me and realised how tall he was. Even in these heels I only came up to his chest.  As I was looking up at him I couldn’t help but notice quite a few women were gawking at us.

He noticed me looking at them and put his finger under my chin.  “Don’t worry about them.  If I wanted to dance with them, I would.  I picked you for a reason.”

Yes, because of my name.  How stupid did he think I was?  “And that is…?” I whispered.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear.  “I want to dance with you.”

Right.  Of course.  What else did I expect him to say?  I inwardly rolled my eyes.

“Then I want to take you home, give us what we both want and fuck that good girl out of you.”  His lips pressed against my earlobe and nibbled.  It was a good job Nathan was holding me up.  Otherwise those words would have knocked me over.

“What do you say to that?”

Fuck me sideways, his voice was sexy as hell.

“Um… I don’t know.”  No!  You say no!  Are you crazy? My good side yelled at me to tell him where to shove it.  While my naughty side told me you’re never going to meet a guy this hot again.  “We shouldn’t…” I hesitated.  “I should go home.”  I was desperately trying to convince myself to leave.

“I disagree,” he protested, smirking.  “Come home with me.  Be mine tonight.”

“I’ll regret it,” I whispered.  “On Monday, I’ll just be another…”

He placed his finger over my mouth, cutting me off. “On Monday you might regret it.  But tonight you won’t.”


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