Bully by Penelope Douglas

The last couple of weeks have been filled with book quality. Lots of amazing reads that I couldn’t put down and Penelope Douglas never disappoints.

Jared and Tate used to be besties, hanging out in a tree, sneaking into each others rooms kind of besties but three years ago something changed. Since then Jared hates Tate and he uses every opportunity to remind her of that. At the beginning of the book we see Tate just taking his bullying, but then she goes to France for a year and comes back fighting fit. She isn’t going to take his crap anymore and then the games begin.

The push and pull between Jared and Tate is palpable, it’s electric and it’s well written books like this that keep me hooked on the love-hate dynamic. The sex scenes were ridiculously steamy, like toe curling, need a fan or a bucket of ice kind of steamy and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Pen Douglas (I read Corrupt first so that sauna scene had me prepared for the raunchiness).

The side characters helped to keep this plot tight and brilliantly interwoven. So much drama going on which kept it fast paced and I loved Madoc, he is someone I definitely want to read more of!



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