WTF is Indie Love?

So you may have seen us pimping ‘Indie Love’ around a lot on Facebook these days. But unless you’re in the Facebook group you won’t really know what it is so I’m going to do a breakdown post for you.

Indie love n paperLovespoon Logo by Ross: 

The Indie Love Facebook group is a group for Page One Books. It originally started as a base to get people interested in and sign up for our writing weekend but then we decided to expand – to try and make it a place for authors (published and unpublished) to come and chat, ask questions and get invaluable advice.

I say we, but really it’s my brainchild. Ashleigh helps me out, she shares things, she’s got a say in what we do with Indie Love but right now she has other commitments. So if you have any questions or ideas, I’m the best person to ask.

I write under a pen name, and as I released my first short story I realised that there was a lot I didn’t have a clue about.  I was unsure about formatting, I didn’t know how to word my copyright page and what was relevant and what wasn’t. Then there’s the upload to Amazon – what categories, what keywords, how to price, to KDP or not? Should I also use Draft2Digital? How do I get Amazon to price match? How do I grow my page? And get people to share my book? Is there etiquette for contacting bloggers?

It really is endless and when you’re confused and stressed you feel like throwing in the towel – so I wanted Indie Love to be a place where you can find these answers and ask questions that others are thinking too.

Right now, we’re still just a small Facebook group but I’m hoping to spend the next couple of months growing it. I bought the domain name and I’ll be working on the website in the coming weeks. The plan is to fill it with tutorials, how tos, advice, guest posts, interviews and have a useful links and services section where you can find recommended bloggers, editors, formatters and so on.

Page One Books will still be running, it will be all about bookish things, reviews, cover reveals and then Indie Love will be a bit more behind the scenes – so how you put together a cover reveal, how to construct a great review etc.

I hope you stick around to see my idea grow, and if you’re in the UK don’t forget there are still spaces on our writing weekend which we plan to make an annual event!



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