Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon


Maddy is allergic to the world and for her protection, she hasn’t left her house in Seventeen years, but when Olly moves next door she’s ready to risk her life for love…

I don’t know how, but Everything, Everything managed to escape my radar until the movie trailer was released a little while back, and I was like daaaamn, I have to read this! And my initial reaction was right! It’s books like this that keeps my love for YA strong. Everything, Everything is so heartfelt and thought-provoking,  it just made me appreciate life and all the small things we normally take for granted.

I loved the world Yoon created for Maddy. The doodles, definitions and diagrams were a really nice touch and gave Maddy’s character that extra dimension, bringing her to life.

Without going into too much detail (although, for those of you who have read it, I kinda saw it coming), I would have liked more development between Maddy and her Mom’s character towards the end of the novel. That story arc felt a little rushed for me, but it didn’t detract from the book overall.

I look forward to seeing how the adaptation holds up.


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