Call Me Daddy by Jade West


I am a huge fan of Jade West, she is brilliant at writing steamy filth but still manages to interweave complex and brilliant relationships. She is my one-click buy author and she’s also incredibly nice and just a tad nutty in person. Call Me Daddy is no different from her other works in terms of quality and I really enjoyed it.

Laine is having a crap birthday, which is not surprising considering she has a mother who barely remembers she exists and a best friend who always drops her for the D. But this birthday is especially crap, and Laine is trying to find her way home in the pouring rain, with no keys when she’s almost assaulted by a stranger, but Nick comes to her rescue. He takes her in, he looks after her and for the first time she feels safe.

Laine is conflicted, he treats her like a daughter and she likes that, but she also wants something more. This taboo faux-father/daughter relationship is smutty, sexy and very addictive. It’s something which is so very wrong but also incredibly right.

I love how West gives Nick this heart-breaking backstory; she adds a depth to him that I love. He is a natural nurturer; he yearns to make up for what he feels are his failings in a previous relationship. After trying to find a balance in their relationship, there was a punishment scene which wasn’t really my thing but it was necessary to the development of them as a couple, Laine and Nick finally find something with each other that they can’t get anywhere else.

If you’ve previously read Jade West’s work and love her then you won’t be disappointed in this. If you love taboo books, with vivid sex scenes and brilliant relationships then give Call Me Daddy a go!


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