Rough Love by Laura Morgan


This is a MC romance from Laura Morgan which is a slow burning, sexy, dark and complicated read. Dahlia Proctor is the youngest daughter of the Black Knights Motorbike Club President and after the death of her older sister, her life is flipped upside down.  She’s expected to take her sister’s place in more ways than one, but this steamy read continually unfolds and secrets are revealed left, right and centre.

I call this a slow burner because I did struggle to get into it a little because I didn’t like how naive and pathetic Dahlia was. She is very stereotypical in that she’s spoilt, out of the loop and almost completely blind to what her brothers and father do.  That said, I really enjoyed her character development and as the story progressed she found her place in the MC club and her voice.

I liked that you never knew who to trust, we had Dahlia’s view of her father which clashed with her sisters opinions and we have his behaviour to go on but that’s only half the story. At some points I hated him, and others I could see that he really cared about his daughter. There are so many shadows surrounding this MC club, and dark triggers but once the story got going it was addictive and I was trying to work out where the story was headed.

I would recommend this book if you’re after something sexy and unique.  Laura Morgan excels at writing dark and complex stories and this one is no different. It’s more than just a motorcycle romance, it’s not straightforward and the ending will leave you hoping that Morgan has another book planned!


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