Kyle De Luca – The Saga Of Cyrillus Severus: Volume 1

This is a quick and short novella from Kyle De Luca designed to introduce us to his character Cyrillus Severus.

Now with most books we review I try to go in blind so that I’m not judging from the start, and that’s what I did with this little short. When I started The Saga, I wrongly assumed that it was going to be an Epic tale set in ancient times because of the name of the main character and the writing style, so imagine my confusion when he hops on bus or sends an email. For me this wasn’t a huge issue, it just left me a little confused and a little disappointed because the start was set up so brilliantly that I was expecting a huge adventure.

In terms of writing style there’s no doubt that De Luca is talented, and he draws you in easily. However, in regards to the storyline there just wasn’t enough for me.  For example, there is an incident in which Cyrillus must leave his location because of an old lady. Now while the author hints at why, because she disliked him and was spreading rumours – there wasn’t enough detail for me. What rumours? Why did she dislike him to begin with? What did people in the town think about it? Did they give him dirty looks in the street or cuss him out?  The whole incident started and was resolved in a few lines which just wasn’t enough for me to get into or really enjoy.

I’m interested to see where the story goes, but without the added detail or even some more dialogue I’m not sure it could hold my attention for very long.  This gets three stars because I enjoyed the start, and De Luca’s writing but I can’t give it anymore because I didn’t really enjoy the story line itself because it felt a little flat and lacking detail.


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