Priest by Sierra Simone

Tyler is a priest, who went into the profession after the abuse of his sister by their local priest. He hopes to bring the community back into the church and support people the way his local church never did. He’s doing a great job, running bible groups, pancake mornings and other community events – that is until Poppy Danforth walks into his confessional booth.

The sex scenes are very steamy, taboo and raunchy. They are over exaggerated and Poppy is a hugely oversexed character, but I guess that’s what the author was going for. The chemistry between them was good but they have some serious communication and trust issues. Tyer is addicted to Poppy and I liked how Simone explored that, making him more reckless and manic as the book went on.

I enjoyed this book but there were a few things that didn’t work for me but that’s just based upon my personal tastes. Tyler was overly possessive and he was too much like Sterling for my taste. He also could’ve used a little more humility for a priest – he mentions several times the women he’s been with and how before he was a priest he got sex easily. I didn’t like the storyline with his sister, she was abused by a priest and that informs his choice to become a priest – fine. But then he becomes a priest who defiles the church by using sacred oil to have anal sex while calling the woman a slut? It was bordering too much on the line of abuse and having been aligned with the sister it just didn’t sit right.

If you like the taboo, aren’t easily offended and you’re after a quick, steamy read then I’d recommend this book.



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