Lincoln Hospital: Volume 1 by Cassia Brightmore

Dr. Cian O’Reilly doesn’t just save lives at Lincoln Hospital, on the 23rd of each month he also dispenses his own brand of bloody justice. As the top surgeon in a busy hospital Cian has the means to hide his dark side, and a trusted team who aid him in ridding the city of scum. Cian is blunt, rude and exercises complete control over everything in his life. But when a young, innocent faced intern Athena Payne joins the hospital his carefully constructed life is thrown into turmoil.

The chemistry Cian and Athena have is palpable, creating a scorching read and so many intense encounters between the two of them that I wanted more of it. I loved the dark, bloody elements – it made the book feel gritty and raw. I also loved Cian as a character, he was brooding and broken inside. His backstory was heartbreaking and convincing.

What I struggled with was Athena’s transformation from goody two shoes, her aspirations, dreams and goals as an intern didn’t match up with the ending of the book. I think for that to be more convincing I needed more angst, pain or trauma from her. Maybe more of an insight into her mind as it goes to those dark places. As a result I thought that after all the suspense and the intense build up that the ending was a little rushed.


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