Savage Saviour by Charleigh Rose

In the third book from Charleigh Rose, we’re sticking with the Savage family, their mob related issues and their lovable but crazy women. There’s the typical alpha male hotness, steamy sex scenes and great dialogue that we’ve come to expect from the dynamic duo.

I’m going to say something blasphemous here, but Savage Saviour is probably my least favourite Charleigh Rose book so far. This is a great addition to the other two books, but the first book is my absolute favourite. The storyline in this one was fast paced and pulled you in. I wanted it to slow down in some parts and last longer, which is a good thing! It was over too fast for my greedy liking.

I like Carter, I really do but I don’t love him the same way I do Graham. I’m a sucker for an assertive charmer, and Carter is just a little too quiet for my tastes. Quinn on the other hand is my favourite female lead, she’s feisty, all smiles and kisses while struggling inside. Her back story, like Carter’s, is dark but I think it added something to their sizzling chemistry. I liked the shy stalker element of their romance, a little bit of voyeurism always seems to add that extra sexual tension and Charleigh Rose knows how to work it.

Charleigh Rose is quickly becoming synonymous with sexy, filthy instalove with a dark, taboo storyline and that works for me. I will always look forward to seeing their name on my kindle because I know I’m getting exactly what it says on the tin and they do not disappoint.


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