Vicious by L.J.Shen

Where the heck do I start with this – shall we start with how much I FLOVE L.J.Shen and all of her books. This woman is seriously fantastic, always giving to her Sassy Sparrows and writing great, steamy, dark romances that make you blush.We already knew Shen was talented, but she seems to do something that other writers struggle with after the initial success, and that is stay strong. Vicious is a testament to how her writing keeps going from strength to strength and getting better each time.

Vicious is slightly reminiscent of Penelope Douglas’ Punk 57 and Corrupt, which is a good thing because Douglas is another author we love here at Page One Books. It has steamy, sexy chemisty, some teenage angst and a hot, hot, hot alpha male character. I’ve  marked this as a quick read because I couldn’t put it down – seriously, I was late going shopping with my family because I stayed to finish the last 20%.

It’s told from a dual point perspective and switches between the present and the past to give more depth to the characters history. ‘Vicious’ whose real name is Baron Spencer, is one of the Four Hot Holes, a group of good looking boys who rule their school and the town they live in. He’s cold, cruel. arrogant, hot as hell (aren’t they always the best) and completely out of bounds for Emilia.  Not that she is impressed by his wealth or status anyway – she sees straight through him. She knows that he’s dangerous.

But Vic likes the challenge, he can’t get the goody-two shoes Emilia out of his head and when one of his best friends shows interest in her, Vicious decides to intervene. He makes her life a misery in every way he can.

In the present Vic is a successful lawyer, still ruthless and cold with a revenge plan in his back pocket that’s been stewing for years. Emilia is broke, waitressing to help buy medicine for her sister and struggling to cover the rent. She can’t believe her eyes when Vic turns up at her bar and just like that all the intermingled feelings of hate, lust and love come rolling back.

When Vicious offers her a job she can’t refuse, Emilia knows she’s already lost. But this spoilt rich boy is more complicated than she realised and there are secrets that are about to resurface which change what we know about the creator of DEFY.

You need to read this now. Not just for the banter, the sexy sizzling moments or the insanely hot Vicious but because it’s toe curlingly satisfying and deserves to be read by anyone and everyone who loves Dark Romance.





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