Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

Let’s just start with this: I LOVE Penelope Douglas. She is the goddess of all things dark, twisted, angsty and sexy as hell. So of course I was going to love Punk 57, because it was all of those things and more.

Mischa and Ryen are pen pals, they have been since they were children. They confided in each other, helped and inspired each other and they loved each other in a way no one else could. But they agreed never to meet, fearing that it would ruin everything.

Mischa is at a party where his band is hosting when he hears her name, and everything changes. Ryen isn’t what she claimed to be, instead of the geeky outcast he’s expecting he finds her to be, but a beautiful, cold Queen B and then tragedy strikes.

He stops writing, she doesn’t.

Ryen can’t understand what’s happened to Mischa, why he doesn’t write anymore. She showed him parts of herself that she’s never shared with anyone and now without that outlet, her bitterness grows everyday. She knows everyone and everything around her is a facade, but she’s trying to convince herself she’s happy.

When the dark and angsty Masen shows up at her school she’s drawn to him, but he shoots her down, embarrassing her. He treats her with distaste that suddenly has her questioning herself and her status as Queen B.  Masen is cruel at times, deliberately baiting and humiliating her, revealing the words written deep on her soul. As this battle of wills heats up, becoming steamier and sexier as the book goes on, Ryen realises that the perfect life isn’t everything. Their chemistry is amazing, like burn your eyeballs out amazing but what happens when she discovers who Masen really is and the reason that Mischa stopped writing?

Read it. READ IT NOW!



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