The Risk (Mindf*ck Series #1) by ST.Abby

This is another one of those ridiculously quick reads that I demolished in an hour on my break in work. I seriously loved this book. It was fast paced, graphic, dark and bloody. It was sexy, titillating, a great read and I’d highly recommend it.

Lana is a killer, numbed to what she does because she’s working down a very long list of people who have wronged her. They took their pound of flesh from her a very long time ago, when she was a different person and now she wants her revenge. She’s trained a long time for this, worked hard for it and nothing is going to stand in her way…that is until she meets Logan Bennett. Logan is her happiness after the crap card life dealt her. But there are so many threads holding her fake life together and the deeper she gets with Logan the more they threaten to unravel.

Logan is an FBI profiler who can’t get Lana out of his mind, he falls for her hard and fast. He’s trying to track down a gruesome, methodical sadist who’s murdering people who come from the same picturesque town. He has no idea that it’s Lana he’s tracking. Lana, the girl who has so many secrets, so many scars and in his eyes who is just too perfect for this horrible world.

But Lana isn’t the only criminal out there, and suddenly she’s in danger too.

There are lots of twists, turns and plenty of action to pull you in. You’ll be questioning your morals by the end of book one. You’ll be mind fu*d.


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