Exercise in Love by J.Thompson


J Thompson has written a sweet, endearing contemporary romance about a woman’s struggle with her life after a horrible accident. Carly’s life falls apart and unable to deal with it, she turns to comfort eating. I love how Thompson has picked a topic that most of us can relate to (whether it’s the occasional junk food and Netflix session or something more serious) but Carly doesn’t realise how far out of control her life has spun until a night out opens her eyes.

Deciding to take her life back, with the help of her best friend Robyn, and her sexy personal trainer Andy, Carly learns that there’s more to life than food and that she can still let people in. But does Andy only see her as a friend or could there be something more? Andy has his own issues, just plodding along in his life but Carly makes him see that things can be different. She brings something to his life that has been lacking. Will she believe that she is helping him, just as much as he helps her?

I really enjoyed this book because it was something different from Thompson’s usual genre and she moved seamlessly into this contemporary field. It was well written, with several pieces of banter between the two best friends that made me laugh out loud. I also loved the determination of the very relatable character of Carly, she’s a voice to the insecurities we all have at some point during our lives.

It was heartwarming, with a great twist and some steamy moments. I would recommend this if you like chick lit books with that feel good factor and just a smidge of angst.



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