Crash by Sloane Murphy

When I reviewed Descent I said that I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next (see review here: Descent) and I was not disappointed. The second book in The Immortal Chronicles follows straight on from where the last one left off, which is exactly what I wanted. We see the same varied and interesting cast of characters, plus we’re introduced to a few more supernatural creatures who I suspect will feature a bit more in the next book or even possibly get their own spin off story (well, I hope).

The demon Cole, who has kidnapped Addie, has her tortured daily and obviously wants something from her, but what? This book digs deeper into who Addie is and just why she’s so special. But can Addie accept the truth about herself? How will she cope with the war that’s brewing inside her?

I really like how Sloane opened up the perspectives in this book, interweaving more characters so that we saw more than just Addie and Xander’s point of view. I especially liked Olivia and Logan, and I enjoyed seeing the conflict and challenges they faced as her former friends. I wasn’t a massive fan of the rivalry between Xander and his brother, but that’s just a personal preference, love triangles aren’t my thing. I also felt like it was just another thing to add in as if Soane had a checklist, which she doesn’t need because there’s already plenty going on in the story.

It’s really hard to review this without giving the storyline away, because there are lots of little twists and turns that you need to experience for yourself. I’ll just say that it’s fast paced, action packed and I read it all in one sitting. I really enjoyed finding out what happens next in the series and so it’s another four stars for Sloane Murphy from me.



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