Professed by Nicola Rendell

This was my first book by Nicola Rendell and it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed Professed, it was fast paced, steamy and pulled you in like a good book should. The book centres on the whole teacher/student taboo which is one of my favourites.

Naomi and Ben meet at a secret society sex party, and hit it 0ff instantly. Insta-love is very popular in the romance community and it’s easy to see why, it makes the storyline move much quicker – meaning that all the saucy bits happen faster. I love the idea of this wild sex party being thrown for university students and someone invites the new teacher but it didn’t actually feature much in the story. It was almost redundant, it could have been any sort of masquerade party. I think something more could have been done with that.

Naomi and Ben have such great chemistry, they can’t stay away from each other and that’s something that makes the story addictive. However, it also has the downside that their relationship is a little too intense at times. I wasn’t always sold on the instant love/desperation to be together. The romance community may love it, but I’m always a little skeptical. The supporting characters were also great in this novel. The interfering Osgood added some much needed humour into the situation and even though you were meant to dislike him a little, I couldn’t help but love him! I found Naomi’s father an interesting character too and I enjoy getting a glimpse into his life. I loved the supportive, rich best friend, Lucy and I can’t wait to read Confessed which is her story.

Not a lot actually happens in regards to the storyline and there isn’t much drama other than the teacher/student conflict but I still found myself sucked in and rooting for Ben and Naomi. Overall it was a short, sexy read that flowed easily and that means it’s a four stars from me.



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