Diamonds Fall by Rebecca Gibson

Annabel Maria Hoddington is a lady born into wealth with her marriage and future arranged in a way that befits her station. She never wants for anything and is spoiled, selfish and a little bit empty headed. On her 18th birthday, her world is turned upside down as she’s kidnapped and taken to an isolated village in the woods where everyone seems to hate her and what she stands for. But not everyone shuns and abuses her, as she makes friends with three siblings, each scarred in their own way by their father. Annabel must find a way to survive in her new position in poverty or die.

This is Gibson’s first book and I must say, despite the slow start I really enjoyed this novel. There were a few predictable moments, the ending for example and the love story for me, felt unconvincing. I needed more build up, more ‘moments’ between the two before they took their relationship to the next stage. Certain parts of the book were also rushed and others dragged out which for me was a bit strange because I flew through some parts and waded through others which marred my enjoyment a little.

That said, I DID enjoy it overall. It was interesting and sweet, I felt like Anna grew up a lot through the narrative. I also liked how Gibson wasn’t afraid to shy away from the grime, poverty and abuse aspect. I liked the darker side to the story and felt like this is what set it apart from a typical historical romance.


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