Quick Review: Because Beards


I was really lucky to be able to read and review two short stories from the because beards collection. This collection is raising money for The Movember Foundation which is all about men’s health, focusing on testicular and prostate cancer. It’s a very delicious anthology featuring several brilliant writers and I would definitely recommend it!

‘One Kiss’ by Martha Sweeney – 5/5

I loved Martha’s short, it was easy to read, pulled you in and ever so sweet. It’s a lovely, contemporary romance about missed encounters and fate. I loved the instant chemistry Reese and Harper have, it was swoon-worthy! It was well written and I was actually kind of sad when it ended because I wanted more! But that’s the sign of an excellent short story.

Eternal Embrace’ by Tom Sweeney – 3/5

Tom’s story was unique, with a very different narrative voice to Martha’s. It was almost dreamlike and while it was the premise was interesting I found it really hard to stay invested in the story. I’m afraid that the writing style just wasn’t to my taste and it’s not something I would have chosen for myself.

That said, I think the fact that I got to read these two very different pieces is a testament to the scope that the anthology covers- there’s something for everyone in this little collection.So not only is it well written, but it’s for  great cause – what’s stopping you?


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