Misconduct by Penelope Douglas

This has been sat on my kindle for ages and I’ve been avoiding reading it, not because Douglas is a rubbish writer but because I loved Corrupt so damn much. I was afraid that Misconduct would either not be as good as Corrupt in which case I’d be a little sad, or it would be better in which case I’d be broke because I’d have to buy more books! But last week I finally bit the bullet and Douglas once again did not disappoint.

Easton Bradbury has all these issues, which she keeps to herself – no attachments, no one ever getting close to her. She’s a teacher and an ex-professional tennis player who likes her life just as it is, until she meets Tyler Marek. He’s the father of one of her students, he’s a politician who likes to manage everything but when he tries to micromanage Easton she gives as good as she gets. The battle of wills between them reveals a chemistry that has the pages scorching. He’s the parent of a student and definitely off limits – no matter how much she wants him.

Tyler and Easton are on fire together and their story sizzled from the start – I couldn’t put it down. It’s well written, fast paced and ever so steamy. Although not a dark read like Corrupt, Misconduct still has that sexy, raw edge to it that I couldn’t get enough of. I think Douglas is definitely one of my favourite authors and I can’t wait to meet her in Berlin next year.



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