Six of Hearts by L.H.Cosway

This was my fist L.H.Cosway book and oh my fu*king god I loved it! I’ve decided I need a magician in my life – I may just get the husband a magic kit for Christmas! I will definitely be reading more and  it doesn’t hurt that Cosway will also be at RARE next year which helps me get through some of my RARE reading, something I am hugely looking forward to.

The world thinks performing magician Jay has killed a man – but it’s all part of a master trick, what he really wants is revenge. Matilda works for her father’s small law firm, hiding from the world behind a receptionist’s desk. When the handsome and rich Jay walks in she’s confused, he could afford any law firm in the country but he picked this one, why? This is a man with more than just cards up his sleeve and she knows it, but as the pieces slowly fall into place can she resist his magical allure?

It was fast paced, well written and so very sexy. There were some plot twists I should have seen coming, but like a magician Cosway has you distracted, looking the other way while she does a slight of hand trick and steals a piece of your heart. I didn’t want to put this book down and I wished my break at work was longer because putting my kindle back in my bag almost killed me.

I loved Matilda, she was sweet, determined and hardworking. Her self conscious side made her more relatable, and it also made me a little sad that she didn’t realise how beautiful she was. I loved how Jay was that sexy confidence boost for her. and oh my gosh was he hot. Book boyfriend alert. Broody, sexy, smart and funny? Sign me up!



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