Savage Beast by Charleigh Rose

It took me an hour to read this. AN HOUR. I practically devoured this x-rated little book, it was so hot and fast paced that I was sucked right in. If you loved Stepdaddy Savage then this is going to blow your mind because I thought it was better.

Jade dated a mobster, he abused and misused her and now she doesn’t trust men. However Cole is determined to get Jade into his bed ever since he first met her, but will that be enough? When he finds out what her past involves, who it involves, will he be able to control himself? He’ll give anything to protect his beautiful butterfly – anything. Throw in an Irish gang, some rigged underground fighting, a turf war and you have a book that is hard to put down. Did I mention that it’s pretty filthy too? Lots of sex, lots and lots of anal play and wet panties. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

This has the raw edge to it that Stepdaddy Savage had, but I feel like this goes further. It’s over the top, I mean the guy has a 12 inch penis and a caveman attitude – but that’s part of what makes it so good. It’s funny, cheesy and sexy with a storyline thrown in. I loved Jade and Cole together, they had banter and sexual chemistry galore. I love Charleigh Rose and I think the author duo behind these books are fabulous.



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