Feyness by E.S Carter


E.S Carter has been on my TBR pile for absolutely ages, so when I got the opportunity to read and review Feyness I jumped at it. I am so glad I did. I loved Feyness, it’s a dark romance with a magical tinge to it that for me was just fantastic. I couldn’t put it down and managed to finish it all on my break in work, that’s how well Carter sucked me into her world of despair, torture, power, greed and sex.

Told in dual POV,  we meet Cole and Faye who I absolutely loved. Faye is married off to Cole in an effort to strengthen alliances by her father, a sick and depraved man. Her new husband Cole is not all hearts and flowers but instead is darkness and blood. We learn through memories and the dual POV why Cole is the way he is, how his childhood was hard and why he chose to marry Faye. Faye is a survivor, a fighter and she is underestimated by everyone around her and written off a a pawn in the pursuit of power. Together, their chemistry is amazing.

The writing was gritty, spine chilling and at times beautiful. I really love the way Carter writes. My only real niggle (and you know how fussy I am) is that Faye has this special ability to see auras, she can see who’s lying, who is angry and so on. But she never actually uses it to help Cole or for anything special. For example, in one scene Cole knows he’s been betrayed and Faye can see who betrayed him, but it’s a bit pointless because Cole already knows. I just thought that maybe something more could’ve been done with it.

I would definitely recommend this five star, steamy dark romance if you are a fan of the darkside. I’m really hoping that E.S.Carter writes more of this genre because I’m not ready to say goodbye to Cole and Faye’s world just yet.



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