Seeing White by Charlotte E Hart

This reminded me a little of 50 Shades of Grey in terms of the storyline, but it’s better written and quite frankly the male characters are more interesting and vibrantly portrayed.

Elizabeth owns a small bakery with her sister Belle, she’s unsure of herself, a bit uptight and doesn’t feel like she fits in with the high class world she now caters for. Alexander White is a millionaire business shark with a penchant for pain. It’s almost like he’s two people, a level headed businessman and a numb, controlling man who needs to inflict pain and feel it in order to get relief. He spots Elizabeth in his club, INK and immediately knows he shouldn’t touch. He doesn’t want taint her with his broken ways, but he can’t seem to stop himself from going out of his way to involve her business with his. This is told from a dual perspective, contains explicit sex scenes and adult situations.

I really enjoyed the way Hart writes her characters, I was pulled into their thought processes and felt like I got to know them. I loved the detail she put into the background characters and the nuances she gave them which for me grounded the whole book. I wanted to see more of Connor and Belle, I’m also interested to see what she has in store for Alex’s sister.

I was less keen on the lectures the main characters always seem to receive on love, time and accepting themselves. Every now and again a background character will give a whole paragraph to either Elizabeth or Alex and it just feels a little bit boring compared to all the tension, sex and drama throughout the rest of the book. There were also a few little typos and commas that broke up words like like ‘b,oy’ which pulled me back out of the storyline, but I was quickly pulled back in as I wanted to see how Elizabeth and Alex grew as a couple.

It was a good read, if a little predictable but I have high hopes for the second book. I would recommend Charlotte E Hart if you thought 50 Shades of Grey was okay, but not all that because Seeing White offers more. It’s steamy, well written and a satisfying read.



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