Sugar Daddies by Jade West

Sugar Daddies is a menage a trois romance about Katie, Carl and Rick. Katie answers an online advert for Carl and Rick, they’re after a third person and are willing to pay for it.  Carl and Rick have a few conditions, the big one being that they come together, or not at all and Katie is both scared and thrilled by that idea. Sex isn’t all they want from her, and what they ask has sent other girls running for the hills. Katie knows she should run too, but as their relationship develops she can’t make herself leave.

I’ve read a few books with menage in, but not really anything where the menage is the sole focus so this was a great introduction into the polyamorous world. Jade West’s sex scenes are raw, steamy, explicit and ever so hot so please don’t pick this up if you’re after a mild romance because you’re going to get so much more!

With menage relationships I have found that it usually leads to one person feeling left out, but West is very talented at making sure this doesn’t happen. The ending also pleasantly surprised me! I was toe-curlingly happy at how the book ended and that the book took a different direction than I anticipated.

This book features lots and lots of graphic sex – let’s be clear about this (M/F, M/M & M/M/F), but West still manages to cleverly interweave all these complicated relationships and scenarios into the storyline that makes it a read that’s hard to put down. I read this in one sitting. Devoured it. Loved it. So it’s an easy five stars from me.


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