Rising Ashes by Annie Anderson


The third book in this series has been my favorite. It’s more action packed, Evan is seriously amazing and I loved how more supernaturals were finally brought in. It just felt like a coming together of all the things Anderson has mentioned in previous books. We knew there were of course other supernaturals, but this one actually had witches and werewolves in it. It just added that extra bit of grounding for me.

I love Evan and how everyone thinks she’s this delicate, incapable flower who might smash into a million pieces at any second. She uses this, and trains with Aurelia in secret, has an amulet so she can escape on her own and she’s tougher than anyone thought, smashing faces left, right and centre.

I wasn’t so overly fussed on West on the other hand, Asher is my cup of tea. I didn’t really understand why West wouldn’t claim Evan. Several times it mentions enemies, but then he did makes plans to claim her but her parents died and everything went to hell. I don’t really understand what changed, because his enemies hadn’t gone away and actually as a couple, they accrued more so it wasn’t any safer for them. I also would’ve liked to have seen more of his role as the King’s assassin, it just wasn’t enough for me to say it and then mention throughout that he’s killed people. I wanted some more badass and detailed examples.

It was a quick, overall enjoyable read and my favorite in the series so far. I love how this series has evolved from a small group of people (Evan, Rhys and Aurelia) and is now like one big mixed family. I want to know more about the other characters, like Voyt and Claire. I want more witches and werewolves. I want more Nicola and Kyle. So yes, Annie Anderson has successfully sucked me in with her writing and I will be keeping an eye out for any more books and short stories because she is a talented lady.

(As a side note Ashleigh really loves the cover)


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