Room Hate – Penelope Ward

Sharing a summer house with the suddenly sexy and all grown up now, Justin, should be all kinds of amazing but, he just so happens to despise Amelia so the odds of her having the summer of her life are slim. Especially when he didn’t come alone…

I have to say, this was not what I was expecting. I’m not even sure I can discuss it without giving away the kinda sorta twist that I had no idea was coming. Did you guys know? I must have missed something. The blurb seemed like a light hearted, we’re forced to live together, I hate you, I love you, rom com, which it was to begin with, and then I kept reading and Ward flipped things on me. Sneaky, but it kept things interesting. And I’ll say no more about it, I wouldn’t want spoilers to come between us!

Overall, Roomhate was an enjoyable read. It sets itself apart but still has all the elements of a good romance. It’s worth checking out!


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