Sacrifice – Adriana Locke

When Julia’s husband Gage died, everything changed. Left to look after their daughter Everleigh, she is desperately trying to make ends meet but can’t quite seem to get ahead. Then when it feels like life can’t get any worse, it inevitably does. Julia is forced to rely on Gage’s younger brother Crew, a man who has let her down so many times in the past. But Crew is a fighter, and this is one fight he cannot afford to loose…

Adriana Locke is fast becoming one of my favourite romance authors. I’m pretty late to the game with her books judging by her following, but I’m happy to consider myself one of them now! Sign me up to the fandom! I first discovered her books during a release blitz for Wherever It Leads. I enjoyed the read but didn’t get overly excited until I was involved in the blitz for Sway (I’ve linked both reviews in if you wanna check them out). I was officially hooked, and am now working my way through her entire back catalogue. Enter Sacrifice.

When I say this is action packed, I don’t mean in the traditional sense. There’s this amazing build to the end, and by the final pages I was on the edge of my seat. It was like I was actually there, at the main event! There’s just something about a fighter making a comeback! It actually reminded me of Southpaw,  just with a touch more tragedy. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely should, Kurt Sutter is king.

The Exception here I come! I can’t wait!


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