Blood To Dust – L.J. Shen

Prescott is out for blood, she wants revenge on the people who abused her, toyed with her and left her broken. But her revenge doesn’t go as planned when she’s placed in Beat’s care, a henchman for the baddies. She uses everything she has to get to know Beat, to manipulate him and win her freedom. But Beat is just as broken. His real name is Nate and he has had the crappiest life, he’s been in prison after killing his father and falls in with the wrong crowd. But hey, a pretty boy poet has to do whatever it takes to survive. The two of them decide to shake off the shackles that bind them and find some sort of peace, after all it’s better to be broken together. It’s do or die for this Bonnie and Clyde duo as they risk it all for a tiny shot at happiness and freedom

There are some seriously adult themes in here, rape, torture, murder, violence and sex. It’s not a pretty read but earthy, raw and fabulous. It’s wow. I mean, seriously, WOW. I tend to score a lot of three and four stars on here because I’m a harsh reviewer – the worst kind because I know what I like and what I don’t. L.J.Shen is consistently a five star lady for me. I adored Sparrow. I thought it was gritty, funny and sexy, but Blood To Dust is better. Yes, better. I love Nate the half inked poet, Prescott is a hard ass bitch and OMG with the one liners. I was laughing to myself in work like a crazy nutter. Please, if you like something different, with naughty words and even naughtier actions then read this book!


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