Chrysalis – Maria Macdonald


Emery has been alone all of her life, she’s been in the care system, has no family and no friends. She’s been bullied, torn down and exists in an isolated bubble until one day, she’s tipped over the edge and she does something she had no idea she was capable of. But with her actions come consequences, and suddenly her life is no longer her own. Thrown into the battle of dark and light Emery has no idea who to trust, who is telling the truth and what she’s fully capable of. With family members popping up left, right and centre and a love she can’t resist, it’s a really good YA novel.

I love the chemistry between Kade and Emery, the passion and the restraint. I was dying for them to get together from the start however I found the couplings of all the teenagers in the house a little bit much, but that’s my personal taste. I also enjoyed the history that Maria has given the Houses, how they came to fall and how they are all interlinked.

I struggled with some parts just because it was a little repetitive and long winded, for example the declarations of love and explaining why they can’t be together. I also found it frustrating how no one tells Emery anything and she just seems to accept that – I’d be too stubborn and mistrusting to take ‘I’ll explain later’ several times.

I’m interested to see where Maria Macdonald is going with this, and I’ll definitely be reading the sequel. It’s a good read with several strong characters and a storyline that sucks you in.


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