Falling Ashes by Annie Anderson


Falling Ashes is the second book in the Ashes to Ashes series. It’s also told in a dual perspective with two distinctive voices. Mena has been imprisoned for the last fifty years because she’s an Aegis, and a threat to the forces that seek to control her and her sister Aurelia. The life she knew is gone, and struggling with the things she’s done Mena is a broken and damaged thing. Asher is a dead man bound to his king. When he dies, Asher dies and things aren’t looking too good as the king grows weaker and weaker. These two battered souls come together in a way that surprises everyone, after all, Phoenixes and Wraiths can’t fall in love. Can they?

I enjoyed this one so so much, probably more than the first one. Mena is broken and I enjoyed her development through the book, as she goes from fragile to fierce with the help of Asher, a Wraith who fits into her life so naturally. Their chemistry is brilliant and I really loved reading their exchanges.

I found Aurelia a little annoying in this book. Reading her from her sister’s perspective made me like her less and I found her really overbearing. Again, some parts moved a little too quickly for me and it was a tad bit too short as well. A bit more development would’ve just rounded it out more for me. It works, but I wanted more – which is really a good thing!

I gave this four stars and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a quick, romantic read with action, drama and the mythical.



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