Scattered Ashes by Annie Anderson

This is told from the dual perspectives of Aurelia and Rhys, two souls bound together by force. Aurelia is a Seer, plagued by visions of death and destruction she can do nothing about. She hates Rhys because he murdered her husband, and holds him responsible for the loss of her unborn baby. But Rhys is her warrior, bound to her until death and if she hurts then so does he. Together they must fight to stay alive and win back control of their lives.

This was a fairly quick and short read, it was easy to get sucked into and I loved the thought and detail behind their world. I enjoyed the Seer and Oracle aspects, but then I’m a mythology nut. I like how their world of Wraiths, Seers and Oracles slots around the normal human world. I wanted  a little bit more interaction between the two, but the book was definitely action packed as it was.

I really love the badassness of Aurelia (yes, badassness is now a word!). She takes no crap, pretty much always rescues herself and can hold her own in a fight. What’s not to love in a world of limp heroines? However I struggled a little with how quickly they fell into each other, over a hundred years of hating each other but then suddenly they’re holding hands? But then again, it was only a short read so I assume the author didn’t see the point in dragging out their relationship and wanted to show how Aurelia had been fighting the inevitable.

I would recommend this as a nice, quick and easy read. There were supernatural, fantasy elements with the right mix of steaminess and conflict. It really worked for me and I couldn’t wait to read the second one.



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