Soulkiss by R.J. Thompson

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review, and I’m really grateful to the author because I’ve discovered a new writer that I love following on Facebook.

Arianna has been dreaming of a stunning, sexy Greek man for the last six months when she’s offered the opportunity to work on a dig in Greece. After some meddling by the gods she’s sent back in time where she meets her dream man in person. But when certain powers are determined to keep them apart, these soulmates must fight for their love.

Let’s get my niggles out of the way quickly. I found that some parts were rushed, or didn’t have enough detail for me. For example, when Aphrodite makes the deal with Hades – I would have loved to have seen more of Arcaeus and Cosmos struggle to win the wager. I also felt that the development of the relationship was really quick, but the author uses the characters to acknowledges this. I guess I just wanted a bit more, which is a good thing! I also found some of the language a bit flowery, but that again is according to my personal taste.

For the really fussy kindle readers, there are slight formatting issues/typos but I’ve spoken to the author and she said she’s working on this. My review does not reflect this because it didn’t massively bother me.

Now onto the positives, I really enjoyed R.J. Thompson’s portrayal of Greek gods, they were arrogant, sneaky, loving, optimistic and I can’t wait to read more from them. The book was a slow starter but once I got about halfway through I was hooked. I wanted a HEA and I was sucked into the descriptions of ancient Greece. I finished the book feeling satisfied and happy. I can’t wait to start the next one.

This was a steamy, sweet read with a great HEA. I just wish it was a little more developed in some parts, but that won’t stop me from digging into the next one. I think it’s a great debut novel and I expect bigger and better things from this lovely writer.



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