Sparrow by L.J.Shen

As you may have noticed things have been a bit hectic and Page One has been a little quiet. I’ve been in a reading slump, bookworms you know what I mean. It’s when you’ve been reading loads and everything starts to get a bit samey and so you struggle to motivate yourself to read something else. Then you can go days and weeks without reading anything at all.

With a book review blog not reading for a while isn’t really an option, so I picked up Sparrow by L.J.Shen with the intention of forcing myself through it even if I didn’t really want to read. But I am so glad I did. It was bloody AMAZING. I started getting into it on my break, then when I came home from work at 7am instead of going to bed I stayed up and finished it. I had to. It had its claws in me. Deep. In work I was reading and laughing to myself, grinning and having toe curling moments all on my 60 minute break. I literally struggled to put it away. I loved the brutality of certain parts. The directness, the honesty and the sexiness of others bits just made this a really refreshing read.

Troy Brennan is  a ‘Fixer’ and the son of a dead mobster boss. If you have a problem, he can make it go away and I love how Shen doesn’t shy away from using blood and violence. He forces Sparrow Raynes into marriage, for reasons he’s not willing to share, but their union turns out differently than he expects as he realises that Sparrow isn’t going to take everything sitting down. She’s feisty, independent and doesn’t need Troy or his money, so buying her off to keep her happy isn’t going to work.

This book is told from dual POV which I thought was great, because unlike some of the other reviewers on Amazon I LOVED Troy. Yes he’s flawed, and at times a bit of a dick but he’s the son of a mobster, involved in an organisation that is full of traitors and backstabbers waiting for him to trip up. Who would come out of that unscathed? I also loved Sparrow, she has a fiery temper and a determination that makes her perfect for the guy who bribes, buys, kills or tortures his way into getting everything.

So thank you L.J.Shen, because you brought me out of my book funk with a dark, funny, sexy story that left me wanting more.


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