Get Lucky by Lila Monroe

This is a sexy, slick ‘Hangover’ type book. When Nate and Julia wake up drunk after a night in Vegas, they try to piece together their evening. It was laugh out loud funny! This steamy little romance appealed to the nerdy side of me as well as the hopeless romantic.There are some geeky little references right from the start so Lila Monroe had me hooked from the get go.

Nate Wexler is a Darcy figure. He’s a divorce lawyer who doesn’t believe in romance. He’s in Vegas for his best friend’s wedding and can’t keep his pessimistic opinions to himself, especially when he bumps into romance writer Julia. You see where this is going right?
It was funny, sweet and very Whovian. I love that the two Doctors that Julia imagines giving her advice are my favourites. I laughed at the cheese of her fiction and how she embraced it fully, challenging Nate and his stuffy preconceptions.

It was steamy, well written and stole a piece of my heart. It was funny and sexy – not an easy balance to get right but I was laughing and drooling in equal parts so Monroe rocked it for me.


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