Interview with Roisin Black


To celebrate the recent release of Someone To Come Back To, we thought we’d catch up with Roisin Black and run some of our all important fangirl questions by her! 

How does it feel to have your first, full-length debut novel published?


Describe Someone To Come Back To in three words.

Epic love story.

What, if anything, was the inspiration behind Someone To Come Back To?

I saw a story about a U.S. Navy SEAL who was killed in action and he didn’t have a wife or girlfriend, despite the fact he was an incredibly handsome, fit and intelligent man. I was intrigued and started wondering why a guy like that wouldn’t have someone to come back to. I came up with all sorts of ideas but ultimately decided that a guy like him wouldn’t have someone to come back to because he chose not to. Then I got to thinking, what if? What if his world was rocked by a woman he didn’t see coming? What if this Navy SEAL who thinks he has control in all things is completely floored by love? And Someone To Come Back To was born!

You have previously published short stories and novellas, was the writing process different this time around? What did you struggle with the most and why?

Time! Time is my big enemy, just finding the time to write is always my greatest challenge. Also, with a larger body of work you have to pay attention to your plot and timeline and make sure everything follows and connects up. Someone To Come Back To also required a lot more research than my novellas but this is something I really enjoy as I’m a natural snoop.

If Someone To Come Back To was made into a film, who would you chose to play John and Maggie?

John is described as being a mix between Henry Cavill and Eric Bana so either of those would do nicely and Jessica Chastain as Maggie.

Someone To Come Back To is part of the Omega Security Series can you tell us anything about it? Will we be seeing more of John and Maggie in the later instalments?

Someone To Come Back To originally started out as a novella but grew into a much bigger piece of work and a number of other characters developed along the way. All these characters are part of John’s platoon and are gorgeous guys in their own right and each has a story to tell.   Their stories will form the basis of The Omega Security Series. I’m currently planning seven books. John and Maggie will feature intermittently throughout the series.

What advice, if any, would you give to aspiring writers?

Make sure writing is what you want to do because it is what you really want to do and not because you think it is a glamorous life full of riches and fame. This business is not for the faint-hearted. It’s tough and getting tougher by the day. Also, if you go down the Indie route, just being able to write a good story is not enough, you need to also be able to sell it and that requires other skills.

What have you got planned next?

I plan to put my butt in front of my computer and write All The Little Pieces, Snake and Ruby’s story and book two in the series. I’m hoping to have it out at the end of 2016 or early 2017.

Someone To Come Back To is available now on Amazon.

To find out more visit Roisin’s website.




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