So I was watching Definitely Maybe the other day…

and it inspired me to write this post. For those of you who haven’t seen the film, one of the main characters April (Isla Fisher) is looking for the copy of Jane Eyre that her father bought, and inscribed for her just before he died. It accidentally got given away, and now every time she walks past a used book store, she has to go inside to see if it’s there. After years of searching, she has a ton of different editions with various inscriptions.


This got me thinking about which books I own multiple copies of. Jane Eyre is one of them:

Pride and Prejudice:

A lot of Daphne du Maurier:


And Hamlet:

I realise that this has something to do with my degree. Although it pains me, I write notes all over the books I buy for university, but there are certain copies I never bothered to replace. So I tend to buy new or collectible editions of my favourites.

And although I’ve given books as gifts, I’ve never personally inscribed them.

This got me curious.

Which books do you have more than one copy of? Have you ever invested in a first, or special edition?

Have you ever given a book as a gift and made out an inscription?


2 thoughts on “So I was watching Definitely Maybe the other day…

  1. Of I had the means to collect like this, I would. Thought I do have a pair of very old scripts of Shakespeare’s plays in French. I think Othello and King Lear, but I’d need to double check, because I don’t know French. 😆

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