Linzi Basset – His Brazen Sub

His Brazen Sub is a stand alone novel although Linzi Basset recommends reading the Club Alpha Cove series in order. This book contains scenes of humiliation, BDSM- masochism, bondage, whipping, graphic language and very, very graphic sex scenes. His Brazen Sub is what’s called a ‘one-handed read’ in erotica circles. This means that the aim of this book is to arouse and enjoy, so it’s not necessarily got a full story arc, or pays much attention to detail outside of the Club Cove setting and the central couple.

Jade is  a successful fashion designer. As she visits family to celebrate her cousin’s wedding she runs into the Dom she left behind eight months ago. Her five nights with Zane Wolf ruined the BDSM scene for her, no other man could match up to Zane. The attraction between them means that within minutes they’re back in the bedroom again, Zane punishing her for leaving and Jade enjoying it. She is brought into Club Cove, a BDSM club, and marked as his, meaning that no other Dom will touch her without his express permission.

Zane has some serious control issues, he doesn’t allow Jade to come without his permission. When she does come without his say so, he uses that to punish her again. Let’s just make this clear though, Jade does have a safe word – something that Zane reminds her of constantly through the book.  So their punishing/defiant relationship is consensual, but this book probably isn’t for you if that type of thing makes you uncomfortable. Jade has a few issues of her own, which Zane struggles with,  using public humiliation and getting other Doms to sexually torture her into opening up to him. That was one of the things that grated on me a little, but that’s my personal taste. The actual storyline with The Syndicate for me was also a little unconvincing, as were Jade’s issues with her father. But then again, that wasn’t the point of the book.

As a ‘one-handed read’ I’d give it four stars, it was hot and exciting. But if I was reading this for the storyline, personally it’s a three stars from me. The storyline was weak, the humiliation just wasn’t for me and at times I just wanted her to say ‘Weddings’, her safeword, to shut control freak Zane up. I’d recommend this if you enjoy BDSM and are after something quick and steamy.


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