Annie Hughes – The Sound of You copy 4.jpg

Annie Hughes The Sound Of You is about Hallie and Nate, two college students. Hallie has a somewhat checkered past,  and starting college she’s trying to move past her old image. This book is a reminder that you can’t control what other people think, no matter how much you try to restrict yourself and your life. So Hallie resolves to keep her head down, do her work, run, play guitar and volunteer. One simple rule: no boys. Trying to keep to herself is hard, especially when her dorm neighbour is the very hot and charming Nate. After resisting, Hallie gives in but the next morning she tries to freeze him out, but he’s after more from her.

Rumours start to fly around campus and Hallie faces a bullying campaign that leaves her bruised and vulnerable. Nate is her rock throughout, standing firm by her side. But what happens when there’s one rumour he can’t ignore?  Now through all the rumours, family problems and studying, Hallie has to deal with some creepy notes from someone called JC telling her how they should be together. At first she ignores them, but things quickly take a sharp turn in a twist I didn’t see coming.

This was a super quick read, I finished it in an hour – but I’m a fast reader. I devoured it because the writing was good, fast paced and moved smoothly. It kept me engrossed and when I got to the end I sat there with my mouth wide open. I was not expecting what happened to happen. I had a little moment of girl power and independence. I was cheering the lovely Annie Hughes on for going against the romance grain.





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