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Perfectly Imperfect is a steamy romantic read that gives a little bit more. It deals with complex themes like anorexia and eating disorders, body dysmorphia, feelings of self worth and toxic familial relationships. I love the way in which Harper Sloan explores these themes while still making Willow, the female protagonist, likeable and relatable. I also felt really pleased to be reading a romance where the main character isn’t stick skinny, or ‘curvy in all the right places’ but someone who is a normal size and struggles with all the same issues the rest of us do (although she does takes it to the extreme but that’s part of her progress).

Then there’s the alpha male character. I liked Kane to begin with, when he went to great lengths to hire Willow to work on his set and moved her into his house I found him a little too intense for me- it was almost controlling. But then he mellowed out again when Willow began to open up to him. So I’m in two minds about him, but my love for Willow outweighs my indifference towards him. There is no denying that they have great chemistry.

In regards to the storyline, there was a twist that I saw coming to a degree and I’m not quite sure I’m a fan of how it was handled. That’s a personal opinion though and others may think it was handled the right way. Non-consensual sex always gets my back up and the justice in the end felt like a giant bow, tying everything up a little too neatly. I also enjoyed the family set-up. The toxic relationship with her family was extreme but believable. I was drawn into their messed up dynamic and rooting for Willow to stand up for herself and realise her worth.

This is not a particularly short read, but it is sweet, romantic, steamy and has a serious feel good factor to it. So I would recommend this if you want a romance with a refreshingly different female lead and plenty of chemistry.


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