Ginger’s Heart by Katy Regnery

I’m going to try and keep this review short as there are some things I can’t talk about – or it’d give too much away. You know me, good old chatterbox and I don’t want to ruin this read for you.

Ginger’s Heart is based on the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. But instead of it being a cut and dry romance, Ginger is torn between Josiah Woodman and Cain Wolfram, two cousins. The three of them were inseparable as children, but as they grow up things become more complicated and Ginger knows that one day she’ll have to choose. Who will she pick? The golden good boy Woodman or the lusty sinful Wolfram? I loved that the concept was based on a fairytale, using the three figures and the grandmother but that’s where the similarities ended. I really enjoyed the book as it evolved on it’s own to become something independent and interesting.

Now you now I’m not a fan of love triangles, but this sort of worked for me. It still had some niggles and bits that didn’t quite work personally, but overall I enjoyed the complicated dynamic and the way she was torn for very different reasons between both men. This then feeds into the development of the novel and the characters.

I appreciated the development of the individual characters, how I felt about them altered as they grew up and changed themselves. I think that the the complex emotions of desperation, guilt, confusion, lust and loyalty that comes with their relationships contributed to this hugely and it made for a good read. Life’s not easy when the heart and the head are in conflict.

A lot of reviews have already said that this book will make you cry. I scoffed at that because I’m a hard nut – but I did! Katy Regnery writes in a way that has you invested in the characters, so when something bad happens or someone is hurt then you can’t help but feel bad too. I did ugly cry at a certain part (I can’t say – spoilers!) and when I started this book I really didn’t think I would.

There were certain parts that didn’t quite work for me, or seemed a little predictable – but that’s on a personal level, that’s why I’m giving it a four stars plus. They might work for everyone else. But overall the novel was a good romantic, complicated, steamy read that will leave you satisfied and teary eyed.



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