What we think of Roisin Black’s cover reveal

So this week Roisin Black has revealed the cover of her new book, Someone To Come Back To. Since this is Page One’s first cover reveal we thought we’d do something a little different. Both Ash and I will give a quick opinion on the new cover, and then we’ll share with our followers an extract the very lovely Roisin has sent over. We hope you enjoy!

Ash: I love the simplicity of this cover. It doesn’t give too much away and sets it’s self apart by using a sketch rather than the usual posed models. This is the kind of cover that makes me want to read the blurb.

Hannah: I love this cover, it’s simple yet elegant. I find that with Romance novels the covers tend to get a bit samey- just different poses and hair colours (not to mention states of undress), but this is unique. I love that it looks like a charcoal drawing too, very raw and artistic. I cannot wait to read Roisin’s new book!


Someone To Come Back To

Genre: Romance

Release Date: April 13, 2016

Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions (http://bookenthusiastpromotions.com)


“What the hell?” she exclaimed, “who the hell are you and why are you licking my leg?

A soft chuckle was all she got in reply and another lick accompanied by what seemed like a sniff.

Oh just my luck, Maggie thought to herself, I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere with car trouble and a lick-freak.

“Okay mister,” she announced, “you lick my leg one more time and I’ll come out from underneath this car and split your head open with this tire iron.”

Her bravado was rewarded with a laugh this time and annoyance flashed through her.  The fact she didn’t have a tire iron or that the guy could be standing there with a gun, hence his laughter, didn’t occur to her as she wriggled furiously out from underneath the car.  A trickle of fear did, however, wind its way down her spine as her eyes fell on one of the biggest men she had ever seen.  Beside him sat what she now guessed was the source of the licks.










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