Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn

Apologies for the delay in reviews but here we finally have it, some murder and mayhem!

It’s the kind of place that leaves a mark.

Like a lot of readers out there I discovered Gillian Flynn when Gone Girl was published, and then adapted to film; both of which were brilliantly executed especially Rosamund Pike’s performance as Amy, she thoroughly deserved all of the nominations she received. You just couldn’t avoid it! After multiple recommendations, I read it, loved it, gave it 5* on Goodreads and went on the hunt for more. Enter Sharp Objects Flynn’s debut novel that I never got around to reading, until now.

Camille Preaker is a reporter who is sent back to her hometown Wind Gap to investigate the murder and disappearance of two little girls. However, Camille is reluctant to return to her estranged family and the troubling past that continues to haunt her. Upon reacquainting herself with the town, she soon realises that not everything is as it seems…

Gillian Flynn is a brilliant storyteller, her writing is simply hypnotic. The narrative is quiet and unassuming as it draws you in and then refuses to let go. It slowly creeps up on you as she subtly builds the tension, masterfully creating and maintaining that sinister feeling that something is not quite right but you can never sure of what, or who is responsible.

Sharp Objects is the best kind of psychological thriller that I definitely recommend you read.


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