Unsocial by Nicole Dykes


Dylan Monroe hasn’t spoken to his family in years but when a shock accident means he’s responsible for his siblings, his world is turned upside down. He has to move back to his home town, give up his womanising ways and become responsible for four children who haven’t seen him in a long time and don’t trust him.

Cue Brooke, the court appointed social worker assigned to help get them through the next year and persuade the judge to give Dylan permanent custody. The attraction is instant between them, but both know what’s at risk if they give into their feelings. Add in some cute kids, meddling best friends, a host of exes to compete with and we have an interesting read that sucks you in and refuses to let go.

I liked the sweary, down to earth attitude that Dylan has, he’s simple and straight shooting. At times his sexist and degrading attitude towards women grated on me (I’m a feminist, what can I say) but I understand it was necessary because later in the book Dylan changes and it’s really good to see. There’s actual character development and as a reader I found it really satisfying.

Brooke on the other hand is perhaps a bit of a paradox for me. I like her, because she’s got this wild child side, tattoo and all, but is caring, hardworking and dedicated. However she’s also a little too perfect. Brooke goes to extreme lengths for the family, is in to muscle cars, can cook a whole thanksgiving dinner for eight people on her own, is hot as hell, knows all the right people, and is amazing with the kids. It all seems just a little good to be true.

The kids were really strong characters for me, I loved all of them. I had tears in my eyes when Gabby finally overcame her issues. Cassie was bubbly and loving, Michael is a shy bookish boy and Luke, well Luke was basically a mini Dylan. I think their character development was strong and that made them all likeable.

I did have a few niggly things, there were a few typos. Also some of the sentences were a little jarring, or too long. I think this was most common in some of the speech; it just seemed longer than necessary and was a bit formal in parts. I thought that some sections of the book also dragged with the constant reminder about lines blurring that was juxtaposed with denial. The book is actually quite long, but overall I did enjoy it. I was just a little impatient to get to the happy ending/sexy bits.

I would recommend this if you have the time, but also if you want some steamy sex scenes and a feel good factor. Oh, also if you’re into cars.

*I was given an ARC for an honest review*


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