My Book Nook

It was always my dream to have a classic wing backed chair in which I could sit and read for hours surrounded by a multitude of book shelves. While I still don’t have the floor to ceiling, every wall covered, library that I always wanted because well, my house is small and that’s just not practical but oh yes one day you will be mine, I do have surround shelving, a huge bookcase, an old school folding set of steps and a frickin’ wing backed chair thanks to my grandmother!  I am one step closer to that coveted Beauty and the Beast library. So as Hannah mentioned in her previous post, I was feeling pretty proud of the little reading space I have created and was shamelessly sharing this picture with my friends and pitching posts so I could share it with guys too:

Isn’t it beautiful?! I love this spot but generally my room is my reading sanctuary so I’ve included a few extra shots to explain why:

As you can see the steps were a necessity, and just so happen to be incredibly cool, because most of my books are shelved at ceiling height and I’m pretty short (quite possibly a minion).

My room is my favourite place to read but if you give me a book I will read it anywhere. No book gets neglected.

So where do you guys like to read? Do you have a book nook? Share with us in the comments section or @pageonebooksAH twitter.



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