Bookish Crafts

Since it was World Book day yesterday I thought you might all still be feeling bookish. Here are three really simple but cute crafts I found on Pinterest. If I get a chance I’ll give them a go so you can see what they look like from an amateur.

Now I know some people will see it as sacrilege to tear up or cut up a book, but I think some of the effects are worth it. Plus it means that your item (be it for fun or as a gift to someone) has a special meaning.

Book Cards


You can find more detailed instructions here: Pop Sugar 

Simple Book Decorations


You can find the tutorial for these here: Better Homes and Gardens

Butterflies On A Wire 


This is a lot easier than it looks.

Instructions can be found here: Better Homes and Gardens

Vintage Book Bouquet 

If you’re after something a little more complex, what about a book bouquet? This looks simply stunning and might be worth a go if you’re a crafty person. Lia Griffith also has several other paper flower designs which I’m sure would look amazing using vintage books.


The instructions, step-by-step, for this can be found here: Lia Griffith


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