Out March 7th Marry Your Billionaire – C.J. Anaya


I’m sure someone in this world finds you attractive. It just isn’t me.

The story follows Midge, the trust fund baby of a famous producer who has cut her off after she refused to go into the family business. However, she finds herself in a bit of a pickle when her college funding runs dry and her father makes her an offer she can’t refuse; appear on his new dating show (think The Bachelor) for one night and get her trust fund back. Little does she know that the billionaire she is supposed to “date” is Brody Prescott, the man she happened to meet, kiss and then slap right before the show.

Brody is so enamoured with Midge that when he discovers that she is going to make an appearance, he agrees to be its star despite the blow to his already damaged image thanks to the conniving Felicia Davenport. Using a loophole in her contract, he refuses to eliminate Midge in the first round but the surprise appearance of Miss Davenport puts a big old spanner in the works.

So begins a game of cat and mouse in more ways than one! But will Midge allow herself to be caught?

I loved the premise for this novel. Reality TV really is my ultimate guilty pleasure, I can’t get enough of it, so reading Marry Your Billionaire was so much fun! It also gives you great insight into its workings, that reality doesn’t necessarily mean real which was a nice touch because audiences get so wrapped up in it, myself included. I also liked the addition of the behind the scenes thriller, whodunit element, that when these girls have a billionaire to fight over, they fight dirty.

Marry Your Billionaire didn’t quite get the 4*s because while I liked Midge and Brody’s growing relationship, I felt her indecision went on for a little too long and he too easily accepted the evidence against her despite knowing that someone was working against her. While I could see that the author was trying to build dramatic tension, I found the back and forth pattern of the plot a little repetitive.

Overall, it was a good read that I would definitely recommend especially if you like reality shows!

Available for preorder from March 2nd on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

There’s also a Marry Your Billionaire Promotion:

In honor of Marry Your Billionaire’s release, the author is offering up a fun promotion with her amazing author friend Jennifer Griffith. When you purchase Marry Your Billionaire between March 2-4, you’ll receive an ecopy of Legally Wedded in your preferred format absolutely free. It’s her way to say thank you for your wonderful support.

Just forward your receipt of purchase to authorjennifergriffith@gmail.com and you’ll receive your ecopy of Legally Wedded for free! It’s that easy. Yay for free and bargain ebooks.

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review and giveaway promotion. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.



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