My Favourite Book Couples


So since Ash already shared her best and worst literary couples (read it here) I thought I’d do a little piece on my favourite couples. I’m going to avoid being stereotypical here and stay away from Elizabeth and Darcy, or Cathy and Heathcliff. Just because I have issues with both of those pairings – especially Cathy. What a spoilt, selfish woman…but let’s not go off on a tangent.

For me the way I choose my favourite couples is by having a quick think and seeing which couples I remember in most detail. If I can recall them without much effort, then they obviously made an impact.

Here are my top four:

1. Elena and Clay.


Kelley Armstrong has written my favourite werewolf shifter books. With Bitten, she is just the queen of wolfy goodness. Elena and Clay are on my list not only because of their steamy, sexiness, but also because of their dynamic. Elena leaves the pack, and Clay waits for her. He always believes she’s coming back and he waits while she’s trying to move on with someone else. They have this chemistry and banter in the book as she tries to resist her feelings for him that I just love. You can never deny true love. Even if he did turn you into a wolf and keep you in a cage until you’d calmed down.

2. Aly and Nawat.


Trickster’s Choice is one of my favourite YA fantasy books. I love anything by Tamora Pierce. Aly is courageous and brave, she is captured by pirates, sold as a slave to the Balitangs and ends up making a deal with the Trickster god, Kyprioth, to keep the Balitang children alive until the autumn equinox. She’s seriously badass. To help her spy, Kyprioth sends her a flock of his crows. Nawat is one of these crows, he wants to be with Aly so much he makes his own deal with the Trickster god to become human and help her succeed, even later going to war. If that isn’t a romantic gesture, then I don’t know what is. 

3. Suze and Jesse.


This is another YA choice, from The Mediator series written by Meg Cabot. While I loved The Princess Diaries books, The Mediator series was ultimately my favorite. A girl who can see ghosts and a handsome ghost – what’s not to love? Very much like Mia in the PD series, Suze gets herself into all sorts of trouble and scrapes, while trying to live a normal teenage life. Jesse tries to help, but there’s always the fact that he’s dead hanging over them.

4. Malfoy and Harry.


Yes you read that right. Harry and Malfoy. Yes, I know it isn’t an actual literary couple…but have you read Turn? You need to read it and then you’ll see why I love this pairing. I love this wonderful work of art just as much, and you’ll understand Draco’s OCD if you read it. Turn is a piece of fanfiction where the author shows what could have happened if Harry and Draco had taken different paths. It’s steamy, sexy and filled with sexual chemistry – so be warned.

The artwork is from here: Isi-Angelwings Deviantart

The fanfiction is here: Turn by Sara’s Girl


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